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Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 MTK/Mediatek v2.00 r3 - More secured devices and features

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Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 MTK/Mediatek v2.00 r3 - More secured devices and features !

- Main
DownloadAgent version 1816 supported and tested on all supported SoC.
Fixed some memory leaks
Connection level revised

- MemoryTool
Fixed multi-selection
GPT init revised
Preloader init revised

- Service
Repair Security revised. Fixed issues with some Meizu and other models.

- Core
Optimized different agents versions support ( DA16xx line )
EMIDB updated
Hint/Error explain module updated
Activated SymLinks - allow reduce boot base size by redirecting diffirent brand/models if they have same base
BootHelper ( stage 1 of 3 ) activated - hints/explanation of boot sequnce and correct file selection
MT6758 support under test
MT6771 support under test
MT6765 support under test

- Flasher
Show Preloader HW compatibility when load firmware in flash tab
Fixed file selection order - if SW package contain mixed types - secure will be selected by default

- FW reader
New types of firmwares supported
Scatter creation optimized for some SoC

- New models included
Limited Alcatel support
Limited Gionee support
Limited Wiko support
Limited Tecno support
And diffirent other models
Some other basic "generic" secure devices support optimized
NAND devices on MT6570 moved to separate mode ( under base ) - FACTORY for ONLY FACTORY-provided FW flashing, INFINITY - for all rest operations

Known issues/warnings/info :
1. [NAND on MT6570] v1712,v1736 loader packages NOT SHOULD BE USED! Since they have ftl/ecc errors!
In result you will give read/write FW errors and rest problems at all.
Recommend use v1724 for FACTORY FW flashing, v18xx line for Infinity FW Flash Read and Write
2. [NAND on MT6570] In some cases "stuck on logo" devices can be fixed only via FFU (whole flash) format!
3. [MEMORY TOOL] Partitions state on MEMORY TOOL will be empty in MT6570 NAND phones, it is normal and cannot be fixed.
Read-Write data, which you want, ignore "EMPTY" states.
4. ADL checksum MAY NOT WORK CORRECT on MT6570 NAND devices! Result - stuck after system/userdata partition flashing
5. FileSystem flashing on some SBC-enabled devices ( except SYSTEM/CACHE/USER ) may fail! Solution - exclude them from flashing list.
6. Cheap MT6739 devices require BATTERY REMOVING after EVERY operation in most cases!
7. Meizu support is limited by Preloader Level ( No BROM SLA ) - you must UNTICK "PMT Update" and "PRELOADER" partition from flashing list!
8. [NAND on MT6570] In some cases device MAY DEAD after flashing! Make sure you have TESTED firmware version!
If you have download FW from internet/other source - make sure it preloader CONTAIN 3 EMI record! Preloader jc45btlc with 2 records KILL SOME DEVICE TO UNRECOVERABLE STATE!!!
Preloader info shown now during FW load.

Discussion and download links - http://forum.gsmhosting.com/vbb/f296...tures-2408522/

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