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  2. UnlockTool.2022.05.27.0 Released Vivo Qualcomm New - Unlock | Relock Bootloader - Fastboot Reboot To edl - Fastboot Factory Reset - Fastboot Erase FRP - Fastboot Remove Demo Huawei - Remove ID Huawei Nova 9 NAM-AL00 - Remove ID Huawei Nova 9 Pro RTE-AL00 More info and discussion are HERE. Best Regards UnlockTool Team
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  4. TFM Tool Pro 1.7.0 (BETA 3) Has Been Released World First Vivo AFT Services Free!!! ==================================== ==================================== Factory Reset In Fastboot Demo Reset in Fastboot FRP Reset In Fastboot EFS Reset In Fastboot Reboot To EDL From Fastboot Unlock Bootloader In Fastboot ==================================== ==================================== More Info Here
  5. SigmaKey Software v2.44.01 released! With this release we have added support for Huawei devices based on latest HiSilicon Kirin 990E CPU. More info and discussion are HERE. Best Regards GSMServer team
  6. SamFw Tool V2 0 One Click FRP Reset Android 8,9,10,11,12 Remove open website step after removing FRP Fix check ADB connection after enabling ADB Add Read Info MTP Add Disable Knox Add Factory Reset (2 methods) Add MTP Open Browser Add ADB Remove FRP (2 methods) Add Reboot MTP
  7. MTK META Utility V40 To clarify : Samsung BootROM Enable will not work for KG Locked status : KG Locked is a High-level SEC mode - they completely disabled bootrom & HW test-point by fusing. Therefore, the tool only made for : Samsung Galaxy A12 (A125U) Samsung Galaxy A12 (S127DL) Tracfone Samsung Galaxy A13 5G (SM-A136U) Samsung Galaxy A22 5G (A226B) Samsung Galaxy A21 (S215DL) TC Samsung Galaxy A41 (SM-A415F) - MT6768. Samsung Galaxy A32 4G (SM-A325F) - MT6768. The list above is the list of tested devices so far. NON - KG Locked status. As known, these devices will not enter bootrom using combination keys or ordinary preloader crash, It does not create any preloader or BootRom port at all, only goes to charging when connected to USB, these list can be crashed from LOKE mode (Download Mode) using modified/erased PGPT - TEE. For some UFS devices, such as : Samsung Galaxy A32 5G and others Enable BootROM will not work, we're trying to support it also we will try later for KG Locked status. So please for now don’t try on devices with KG Locked - SEC Ctrl status 0, the device may get permanently bricked if KG is Locked.
  8. EMT v3.19.00 Released, Added VIVO Qualcomm models OneKey Factory Reset, Reset FRP, Unlock/Relock Bootloader, VIVO S15/T2/IQOO NEO 6SE etc models! Added VIVO S15, T2, IQOO NEO 6SE etc models, Supported Factory Reset, Reset FRP, Reset ID etc functions! ADDED VIVO MODULE: No Credits / OneKey Following Models by Fastboot Mode: Factory Reset, Reset FRP, Unlock/Relock Bootloader Click Here More Details Regard VC_INDIA
  9. Mates, I need your expert help urgently. I suppose many people had a real experience of cooperation with many online academic assistance companies. So, if you can, please, answer me: is speedy paper legit? I have some urgent sociology tasks. Will they do everything in time and with no errors?
  10. Checking the first version of an essay is of utmost importance when writing it. When writing a draft, your main task is to develop an argument, polish your main thoughts and arrange them in a strict sequence, accompanying them with illustrative material or supporting data, etc. After writing the first draft, let it rest for a day or two, and then go back to work on revising and improving paper help review, on a "fresh head." When checking the essay, first of all, pay attention to the following important points: First of all, it is important to remember that the essay is a subjective genre, so its evaluation can also be subjective. You should not focus on the entire mass of employers. Presented data: Regardless of what question you are answering, you need to achieve certain goals. You are expected to have the following in mind when writing your essay: Did I answer the question posed? How clearly and accurately have I stated my thoughts? Does what I have written sound natural, are there any mistakes? Also, make sure that you: Demonstrated your desire to build your career in a particular direction. Have been "focused" on building a career in a particular field. Include one to three qualities, strengths, and traits that make you stand out from the crowd of other candidates. Have presented at least one compelling argument for the employer to invite you into their business. Communication/Writing Skills. The essays are also designed to test your ability to put your thoughts on paper and your writing skills. A professional selection consultant says, "Your essay should not characterize you as a future writer or philologist, you are a future leader, a manager. The ability to present your ideas well is important to success in business, and the ability to express them on paper is found in those who communicate easily with others." A poorly written (presented) essay will not get you accepted into the business. Real person image. The panel of experts (the employer) wants to discern in the essay the image of the person who wrote it. Not only test scores, work experience, but also the candidate's character is important. "We're looking for something elusive in the documents that the numbers can't show, so we hope to find it in the essay. By no means pass up the opportunity to tell us about yourself in your essays. It will help us make sure that we're considering a quite real person and not just the sum of the various metrics." The important thing here is to be honest, sincere, unique, i.e., to be yourself! Experts believe that often graduates, applicants very much want to seem like someone: a leader, a mature person, that they forget to be just a person! Individuality. The only way to make the committee (the employer) discern the image of a particular person behind all the documents is to put an element of the personal, unique, unique into the essay. Your essays will immediately become more interesting and eye-catching. They will help you stand out among the hundreds of other applicants. "The essay should be as personalized as possible. It's boring to read essays that are full of general phrases - it's a waste of time. You won't understand anything about a given candidate's personality anyway." Details. Everything you write in the essay should be supported by examples, make references to your experiences. Details will make your essays interesting, unique, specific. Distinctiveness / Uniqueness / Something interesting, funny. According to experts, "Graduates (applicants) should not be afraid of being out of line, it is better to be yourself. Very often graduates worry about whether they can make the right impression, so they remove anything that makes them stand out from the essay. Such safe, from the graduates' point of view, essays are quite tedious to read." You don't have to make jokes in your essays at all to make them interesting. However, try to use every means at your disposal to make your essays memorable. Honesty. The panel of experts does not tolerate participants who like to dust their eyes. It will be better if you reflect the true state of affairs in your essay. At the same time, don't accentuate your shortcomings, although they are present in your character. You should be honest, but positive. Talk about yourself and your qualities only positively! So-called "weaknesses" should be presented as follows: "it used to be my fault, but now it's turned into a positive quality. A literary work. Panelists love essays like this, which are a pleasure to read. "Make sure your essay is easy to read. Take a little more time with it: check if your thoughts are consistent, if they lead to a logical conclusion to the topic." "Humor is a great tool, but use it wisely. A sarcastic or sassy tone is often annoying. Real humor is an art and is a sign of good taste."
  11. UFSroom Schematic Diagram Tool V2.0.4 (3 Day Free) To all professionals or beginners who enjoy the maintenance of mobile phones, we provide in our UFSroom Schematic Tool the most important diagrams of the mobile phone's schematic that you require, in order to be aware of the complicated fault lines that nobody can identify unless they are able to understand the schematic diagram and understand how to fix the issues. In the latest update, you are able to use the UFSroom for free for 3 days. If you find that you find that the UFSroom tool proves useful to your needs, you can purchase an annual license to make use of it for the rest of your life. + The Features UFSroom Schematic Diagram Tools: Knowledge:- In this case you can provide information on all the components such as transistors, registers, ic'sPCB and any other hardware component by displaying a photo and explaining the way it works. eMCP Pinout UFS BGA 153 UFS BGA 254 eMCP BGA 153 eMCP BGA 162 eMCP BGA 221 eMCP BGA 254 eMCP BGA 153 Testpoint:- Asus Infinix OPPO Samsung VIVO Xiaomi ISP Pinout: OPPO Xiaomi Samsung Repairing Guide iPhone OPPO Xiaomi Schematic Diagram Acer Advan Alcatel Asus Coolpad Huawei Infinx iPad iPhone Lava Lenovo LG Meizu Microsoft Motorola Oneplus Oppo Realme Samsung VIVO Xiaomi Repair Phones This includes boards that come from iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo! Side-By-Side Schematics Simply click on the pin, and click on the UFSroom schema diagram will show it within the schematic diagram for you! Multi-Platform The UFSroom schematic diagram comes with native support for Windows, macOS, and Linux! Download Link:: Link
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  14. Estou com M32 nao carrega mensagem de aquecimento já troquei dock de carga e nao resolveu alguem tem uma solução ?
  15. IBYPASSER RAMDISK HELLO BYPASS V1.1 RAMDISK HELLO, a tool for Windows computers, is small. You can unlock or bypass your iPhone or iPad devices with one click. It bypasses the hello screen completely and doesn't require you to jailbreak your device. You can unlock any device by using a credit account. Features IBYPASSER RAMDISK HELO BYPASS iPhone 6s - iPhone X supported NO DCSD/Engineering Cable required No third-party software is necessary iCloud Sign in Passcode Notification Siri iMsg Mac platform SMS/CALL Download Link:: Link
  16. Estou com um M32 temperatura alta nao carrega ja testei outros dock de carga e problema ainda continua alguma dica para esse problema
  17. Hydra Tool MTK Module v1.0.4.90 [Added] - OPPO Repair IMEI and Network [Added] - Realme Repair IMEI and Network [Added] - Xiaomi Mi Account Remove (No Relock) [Added] - Vivo MTK Dual IMEI Repair [Added] - Vivo Demo Remove [Added] - OPPO/Realme Demo Remove [Added] - OPPO/Realme ID Remove [Added] - Samsung KG State Remove [Added] - Samsung MTK FRP Remove [Added] - Preloader to BROM Switch New Method [Added] - MTK Fix Orange Message [Added] - MTK Read/Write/Erase RPMB (eMMC and UFS) [Added] - Bootloader[Unlock,Relock,Fix Orange Message] Added OPPO and Realme IMEI Repair and Repair Network for Following Models OPPO A15 (CPH2185) OPPO A15s (CPH2179) OPPO A3 (CPH1837) OPPO A3 (PADM00) OPPO A3 (PADT00) OPPO A31 (CPH2015) OPPO A31 (CPH2029) OPPO A31 (CPH2031) OPPO A31 (CPH2073) OPPO A31 (CPH2081) OPPO A35 (PEFM00) OPPO A53 5G (PECM30) OPPO A53 5G (PECT30) OPPO A54 (CPH2239) OPPO A54s (CPH2273) OPPO A55 (CPH2325) OPPO A5s (CPH1909) OPPO A5s (CPH1912) OPPO A71 (CPH1717) OPPO A73 (CPH1725) OPPO A73 5G (CPH2161) OPPO A7x (PBBM00) OPPO A7x (PBBT00) OPPO A8 (PDBM00) OPPO A83 (CPH1729) OPPO A83 (CPH1827) OPPO A9 (CPH1938) OPPO A9 (PCAM10) OPPO A9 (PCAT10) OPPO A91 (CPH2021) OPPO A91 (PCPM00) OPPO A91 (PCPT00) OPPO A92s (PDKM00) OPPO A92s (PDKT00) OPPO A93 (CPH2121) OPPO A93 (CPH2123) OPPO A93 (CPH2123) OPPO A94 (CPH2203) OPPO AX5S (CPH1920) OPPO F11 (CPH1911) OPPO F11 (CPH1913) OPPO F11 Pro (CPH1969) OPPO F11 Pro (CPH1987) OPPO F11 Pro (CPH2039) OPPO F11 Pro (CPH2063) OPPO F15 (CPH2001) OPPO F17 Pro (CPH2119) OPPO F19 Pro (CPH2285) OPPO F5 (CPH1723) OPPO F5 (CPH1727) OPPO F5 Youth (CPH1725) OPPO F7 (CPH1819) OPPO F7 (CPH1821) OPPO F7 Youth (CPH1859) OPPO F9 (CPH1823) OPPO F9 (CPH1825) OPPO F9 (CPH1881) OPPO K7x (PERM00) OPPO R15 (CPH1835) OPPO R15 (PAAT00) OPPO R15 (PACM00) OPPO R15 (PACT00) OPPO Reno 6 Pro (CPH2249) OPPO Reno 6 Pro (PEPM00) OPPO Reno Z (CPH1979) OPPO Reno Z (PCDM10) OPPO Reno Z (PCDT10) OPPO Reno2 F (CPH1989) OPPO Reno2 Z (CPH1945) OPPO Reno2 Z (CPH1951) OPPO Reno2 Z (PCKM70) OPPO Reno2 Z (PCKM80) OPPO Reno2 Z (PCKT00) OPPO Reno3 (PDCM00) OPPO Reno3 (PDCT00) OPPO Reno3 Pro (CPH2035) OPPO Reno3 Pro (CPH2036) OPPO Reno3 Pro (CPH2037) OPPO Reno4 Lite (CPH2125) OPPO Reno4 SE (PEAT00) OPPO Reno4 Z 5G (CPH2065) OPPO Reno5 F (CPH2217) OPPO Reno5 Lite (CPH2205) OPPO Reno5 Pro (CPH2201) OPPO Reno5 Pro (PDSM00) OPPO Reno5 Pro (PDST00) Oppo A11K(CPH2071) Oppo A12 (CPH2083) Oppo A1K(CPH1923) Realme 6 (RMX2001) Realme 6 (RMX2003) Realme 6i (RMX2040) Realme 6i (RMX2041) Realme 6i (RMX2042) Realme 7 5G (RMX2111) Realme 8s 5G (RMX3381) Realme 9 5G (RMX3388) Realme C15 (RMX2180) Realme C2 (RMX1941) Realme C2 (RMX1942) Realme C2 (RMX1943) Realme C2 (RMX1945) Realme C2 (RMX1946) Realme C21 (RMX3201) Realme C21(RMX3202) Realme C3 (RMX2020) Realme C3 (RMX2024) Realme C3 (RMX2027) Realme C3i (RMX2024) Realme GT Neo 2T (RMX3357) Realme Narzo 30 5G (RMX3242) Realme Narzo 50 (RMX3286) Realme Narzo 50A (RMX3430) Realme Nazro 10 (RMX2174) Realme Pad (RMP2102) Realme Q2 Pro (RMX2173) Realme Q3i 5G (RMX3042) Realme V11 5G (RMX3121) Realme V11 5G (RMX3122) Realme V11 5G (RMX3123) Realme V13 5G (RMX3041) Realme V13 5G (RMX3043) Realme V15 5G (RMX3093) Realme V3 5G (RMX2200) Realme V3 5G (RMX2201) Realme V5 5G (RMX2112) Realme X7 (RMX2176) Realme X7 5G (RMX2175) Realme X7 5G (RMX3091) Realme X7 5G (RMX3092) Added MTK Mi Account Remove One Click No Relock after connect net or wifi for Following Models Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 5G (camellia) Xiaomi POCO M3 Pro 5G (camellia) Xiaomi Redmi K30 Ultra (cezanne) Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S (rosemary) Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S (secret) Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 pro (begonia) Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 2021 (biloba) Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 (merlin) Xiaomi Redmi 10X 4G (merlin) Xiaomi Redmi 9 (lancelot) Xiaomi Redmi 9A (dandelion) Xiaomi Redmi 9C (angelican) Xiaomi Redmi 9 (cattail) Xiaomi Redmi 6A(cactus) Xiaomi Redmi 6(cereus) Xiaomi Mi Play(lotus) Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 5G (cannon) Xiaomi Redmi Note 9T 5G (cannong) Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro 4G (viva) Xiaomi Poco M4 Pro 4G (fleur) Xiaomi Redmi Note 11s (miel) Xiaomi Redmi Note 11s 4G (fleur) Added Following Models for Read/Write Firmware, Unlock Bootloader, Reset FRP, Format, Partition Manager Xiaomi Poco F3 GT (Ares) Xiaomi Redmi K30 Ultra (cezanne) Xiaomi Redmi K40 Game Enhanced Edition (Ares) Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 5G (cannon) Xiaomi Redmi Note 9T 5G (cannong) Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro 4G (viva) Xiaomi Poco M4 Pro 4G (fleur) Xiaomi Redmi Note 11s (miel) Xiaomi Redmi Note 11s 4G (fleur) OPPO Reno 6 Pro (CPH2249) OPPO Reno 6 Pro (PEPM00) OPPO Reno5 Pro (CPH2201) OPPO Reno5 Pro (PDSM00) OPPO Reno5 Pro (PDST00) OPPO Reno 7 5G (CPH2371) OPPO Find X5 lite (CPH2371) OPPO K9x (PGCM10) OPPO Reno6 Z (CPH2237) OPPO A95 5G (PELM00) OPPO Reno 5z (CPH2211) OPPO A94 5G (CPH2211) OPPO F19 Pro+ (CPH2213) OPPO A55s (A1020P) OPPO A56 5G (PFVM10) OPPO A93s 5G (PFGM00) OPPO A16 (CPH2269) OPPO A16 (CPH2275) OPPO A16s (CPH2271) OPPO A16k (CPH2349) Realme GT Neo Flash (RMX3031) Realme X7 Max (RMX3031) Realme X7 Pro (RMX2111) Realme X7 Pro (RMX2121) Vivo iQoo Z1 (V1986A) Huawei Honor V40 (YOK-AN10) Huawei Honor X10 Max (KKG-AN10, KKG-AN00) Huawei Honor 30 Lite (MXW-AN00) Huawei Enjoy 20 Pro (DVC-AN20) Huawei Honor 30 Youth (MXW-AN00) Huawei Enjoy Z 5G (DVC-AN00) Huawei Honor Play 4 (TNNH-AN00) Huawei Honor X10 Max (KKG-AN00) Huawei Maimang 9 Samsung SM-E426B (Galaxy F42 5G) Samsung SM-A226B (Galaxy A22 5G) Samsung SM-A136U (Galaxy A13 5G) Samsung SM-A215U (Galaxy A21) Samsung SM-A037F (Galaxy A03s) Samsung SM-M536B (Galaxy M53) OnePlus Nord 2 Coolpad Cool X (CPD1939) Added Mediatek New Soc's MediaTek Dimensity 1200 (MT6893) MediaTek Dimensity 1000+ (MT6889) Supported Unlock Bootloader MTK Chips MediaTek Dimensity 700 (MT6833) MediaTek Dimensity 720 (MT6853V) MediaTek Dimensity 800 (MT6883) MediaTek Dimensity 800 (MT6873) MediaTek Dimensity 820 (MT6875) MediaTek Dimensity 900 (MT6877) MediaTek Dimensity 1100 (MT6891Z/CZA) MediaTek Dimensity 1000L (MT6885) MediaTek Dimensity 1200 (MT6893) MediaTek Dimensity 1000+ (MT6889) MediaTek Helio P65 (MT6768) MediaTek Helio P10 (MT6755) MediaTek Helio A22 (MT6761) MediaTek Helio P22 (MT6762) MediaTek Helio P35 (MT6765) MediaTek Helio P60 (MT6771) MediaTek Helio P90 (MT6779) MediaTek Helio G90 (MT6785) MediaTek MT6739, MT6739W Discussion Thread
  18. Bom dia. Este problema é causado pelo resistor se 0.10 branco que fica perto do conector de bateria. Só trocar que volta ao normal. Boa sorte...
  19. Bom dia Galera, tudo bem? estou com XT2016-2 Moto One Macro, onde aparece a mensagem na foto que vou enviar, já fiz tudo nele, fiz downgrade, passei aquele assistente rescue Motorola e nada, alguém tem opção, que possa resolver essa situação, desde de já agradeço a atenção de todos, Deus Abençoe.
  20. PCD ( Part Compatible Database ) help users easily find IC's compatible from board to another board. As simple you select the original part on layout board and then Borneo Schematics will guide you to compatible part on another board. Make your works easier. UPDATE BORNEO SCHEMATICS VERSION 2.3.0 Patch 2305 RELEASE ! UPDATE BORNEO SCHEMATICS VERSION 2.3.0 Patch 2305 RELEASE ! OLD VERSION MUST UN-INSTALL FIRST / VERSI LAMA WAJIB DI UNINSTALL ! [*]ONLY WITH LATESVERSION WILL WORK [*]FIX BUG [*]ADD FEATRURES ON BITMAP More Info : - Borneo Schematics Update Version 2.3.0 Patch 2305 Release ! Regards MUKESH RAJ
  21. UnlockTool_2022.05.25.0 Released Vivo Qualcomm - Vivo Qualcomm New Add Fastboot Reboot To EDL - Tested Y51 2020 PD2050F MORE INFO : CLICK HERE Regards UnlockTool
  22. Xiaomi Pro Tool V6.0 Latest version Tool Xiaomi Pro Tool is a special service tool specifically designed to fix Xiaomi phones. It works with every Xiaomi Phone out there in the market. It supports flashing/unlocking or Factory Reset, Mi Account Removing and more. It is compatible with each of the Qualcomm and Mediatek chipsets. Features Xiaomi Pro Tool: Xiaomi Operations - Factory Reset - Reset FRP - Remove Mi Account Xiaomi MediaTek Special Operations - Unlock Bootloader - Relock Bootloader - Mi account / OTA Disable Xiaomi Server Special Operations: - Reboot Xiaomi Fastboot to EDL - Xiaomi Mi Assistant Mode Reset FRP - Xiaomi Recovery Mode Factory Reset Download Link:: Link
  24. Poco x3 nfc Imei 2 Bloqueio pelo claro Alguém faz
  25. MTK META Utility V39 - Mediatek Auth Bypass Tool As mentioned earlier today : * Added Samsung A12 U2/U5 - A03S - Enable Brom port without test point from Download mode - (sec ctrl 1). * Added Samsung A12 Disable? Fix Brom port stuck (Fix for the previous operation). Added more Fastboot info such as (OEM Device Info and Verification & BL lock status). The Enable Brom method is tested with (A12 - SM-A125F U2 & A03S - SM-A037F U1 April Patch and could work on other devices, but Re-Enable Brom port is usable for A12 only). The software is provided “as is”, without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including but not limited to the warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and noninfringement, USE it at your own risk. DOWNLOAD LINK
  26. TFM Tool Pro QC 1.7.0 (BETA3) Has Been Released World 1st Vivo All Model Bootloader Unlock In Fastboot (Quallcomm) World 1st Vivo All Model Fastboot To Reboot EDL (Quallcomm) Added Demo Remove Vivo Generic (on Test) (Quallcomm) More Info Here
  27. Eai galera beleza? Trabalho em uma assistência técnica e ultimamente estou recebendo bastante iphone 11 com problema no microfone ao gravar video dando zoom, esse problema ocorreu com iphone 11 normal, 11 Pro e 11 Pro Max. Ao gravar na câmera grande angular ou na principal o audio fica normal, porém ao dar zoom ou alternar pra camera de zoom o microfone fica abafado como se tivesse algo tampando ele. Alguém ja pegou iphone 11 (ou outro modelo) com esse tipo de problema? Resolve apenas trocando o microfone?
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