Nokia DCT4+ Tool full - FREE for all Infinity-Box users

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Nokia DCT4+ Tool full - FREE for all Infinity-Box users !

(need Infinity-Box or Content-Extractor dongle and internet connections for lock/unlock procedure)

BEST team present next step in a long chain of steps we do for you, our customers!

- Unlock All lock for DCT4+ phones (need internet connections)

- Relock DCT4+ phone on any Network (need internet connections) world first Posted Image

- Read/Write/Clear UserLock

- Read phone info

- Change phone mode (manual)

- Read/Write PM (full or region)

- Make any Factory setting

- Extract PhoneBook from PM for any Nokia phone (without smartphone)

- Easy to use

- Need only COM-port, no need any boxes

Posted ImageClick this bar to view the full image.Posted Image

- Download DCT4PlusTool_v1.00.rar from Infinity-Box support area from /software/updates folder

Demo video here or here

Use and post results.

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