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do you like world frst ?

be take it Up !

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World first always !!

We can - and we make !

More expensive option added !

- Lock / Unlock by PLMN range to special providers XXX-XX ! -W1St!

- Set Lock counter from Zerro-to-99 ! -W1St!

- Auto-Analyse security and autorisation by DIAG for next operation! -W1St!

- Set Activation for HSPDA+HSUPA+7.2M Rate ! -W1St!

- Set Activation Voice-Call ! -W1St!

- Set activation for System parametrs for optimal working. -W1St!

- All opeation available with DIAG Port Only ! -W1St!

- And the not all . - We add next option as test for you

- Added Calculate Unlock codes for Wi-Fi, Routers and Factoty modules

1 - Basic Modem

2 - B560 Router -W1St!

3 - B930 Router -W1St!

4 - B970 Router -W1St!

5 - B970B Router -W1St!

6 - E5830 Wi-Fi -W1St!

7 - E5832 Wi-Fi -W1St!

8 - E5838 Wi-Fi -W1St!

9 - ETS1160 Module -W1St!

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