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FuriousTeam introducing FuriousGold 2011

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FuriousTeam is proud to present the new FuriousGold 2011 with TONS of new features !

Important things to know:

FuriousGold softwares are same for any of the FuriousGold hardware we made so everything is compatible you do not have to buy a new box or dongle to use our latest softwares. By getting the new FuriousGold hardware 2011 will increase your productivity and gain a lot of time.

Some of the important features regarding FuriousGold

. Everyone can use the new maintenance software and new release softwares (no extra charges)

. Complete brand new website rebuilt from scratch with tons of new features

. Enjoy the latest features and become VIP FuriousGold customer

. Blackberry MEP2011 supported (233 MEP) ONLY on FuriousGold

. Unlock LG by IMEI and much much more !

. Brand new reseller area with real time activation

. Featured reseller, we send customer coming on our website from your country directly to you !


As you can see we rebuild completely our website to give the best support to our customers. We will explain here few of the main changes in your account as a FuriousGold customer.

. You have to use NEW MAINTENANCE MODULE V1.0.0.843 (You can now load more packs in your dongle and faster) Only this maintenance is compatible with the new site so this is the 1st thing you have to do NOW!

. We do not use Bling Bling credits anymore, now once you need an activation, a box, credits or anything on website, once you paid for it, it's activated in REAL TIME. No need to transfer any credits after purschase or whatever, you get REAL TIME activation direct to your account.

Some explication about the new member area:

. My Box details: There you can see your box informations. This is what we need when you ask support from us.

. My details: This is your personal details, we will use them to ship any goods your order from site.

. My Orders: All your orders at the same place, related activations or shipping goods you will find everything here including your invoices.

. Refill String: The online tool to calculate your refill string for the TREO module.

. Ask for support: We created a very simple forum where everyone can join and talk about FuriousGold.

. Download area: All FuriousGold files, modules, updates, schematics, and more everything is there.

. Become reseller: If you wish to become a FuriousGold reseller and sale our products please subscribe here

. Become VIP: If you wish to become a FuriousGold VIP customer please join here


We improved a lot the reseller area, we spent a lot of time talking with our reseller and we bring everything what they asked even more. This is some of the new features for your reseller account.

. We STRONGLY recommend ALL OUR RESELLERS to update your reseller details on your account. If you want to appears on the official reseller list you have to load minimum 100 euros to your account.

. No more bling credits (You select the box username + serial of your customer and you activate in REAL TIME the activations or credits directly to his account)

. No more bling transfer (before some box can not transfer credits) this is no longer existing

Let's take a look at the new options

. Reseller details: You have to edit your company details, contacts, Geo location, you can also add a picture of your office and your logo. Then you will have you own page on it may looks like this FuriousTeam HQ Reseller Page

. My Sales: Any of your sales are tracked, check your customers, activations etc... Enjoy the amazing graphic stats regarding your day/month/year sales classed by each products.

. Activation Panel: Activation system was totally rethinked and that's the best system we even built for our customers. Now it's SO EASY to activate new packs to customer, credits or even sale boxes or dongles ! We ship directly to YOUR customer any shipping goods using YOUR contact details. (Will explain more about those features soon). All activations are made in real time, we of course keep informed your customer about any modifications made on his account by sending emails and push notification on his account.

. API: Lof of reseller and webmaster asked us API ! It's here right for you and it's FREE !

. Order history: There you can check all your orders, including tracking numbers and invoices.

. Price List: Now it's easy to see latest price about our products, order them online at reseller price, you can also choose to send to your customers directly. This is your official price.

. Deposit: You need to load money to your account to be able to activate your customer with new packs, buy shipping goods, credits etc...

. Featured: Become Featured Reseller and get even more power for your sales. We send visitors coming from your country to our site direct to you ! So you can make the sale yourself (have a look in the featured reseller post for more details)

That's only a short introduction about the new reseller features, please enjoy because there is much more not explained there, we will post more tutorials and details soon.

FuriousGold VIP

Enjoy the MAXIMUM FuriousGold® features with the VIP pass. We know some of your are super stars unlockers. You always on top keeping looking any updates for your favorite tools on Gsmhosting, Facebook and more. We have built the VIP section right for you ! We bring all the best of our knowledge in there. This is some of the features we included in VIP account:


. Generate unlock codes for Blackberry (233 MEP) 2011 INCLUDED (100 CODES MONTHLY) (REAL TIME)

. Generate unlock codes for LG (BY IMEI) (50 CODES MONTHLY) (12 HOURS)

. Generate unlock codes for PANTECH (100 CODES MONTHLY) (REAL TIME)

. Generate unlock codes for ALCATEL MODEMS (100 CODES MONTHLY) (REAL TIME)

. Generate unlock codes for ZTE MODEMS (100 CODES MONTHLY) (REAL TIME)


Try our beta(s) softwares before everyone else, special unreleased modules made by FuriousTeam


. Have a talk with Hack3r2k the FuriousGold superstar programmer. He will assist you in real time. The best way to get a real trustable support.

Get your VIP PASS NOW, Price is 79 euros or $99 usd per month ONLY, 1 year support is included


The better together ! Let's work close each other. Become a featured FuriousGold reseller and we will together increase our sales.

We include the following things in our featured reseller programm:

. Priority on orders, we keep a special sotck for our featured resellers so that you will never have to wait for your orders

. Exclusivity on products (Get always latest products in first)

. Special prices for activations and for the new dongles and boxes

. Our visitors are notified in real time about the featured resellers which are near their location. This means when a customer from your country come to he's redirected to YOU, and if you are ONLINE, he chat with you, and you can make the sale INSTANTLY. (More details coming soon on this features)

Price to be a featured reseller is 20 euros or $25 usd per month ONLY.

Be sure to have a look in our news section to not miss anything, next week is gonna be HOT !

We hope you enjoy the new site as much we enjoyed doing it !

Best regards,



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