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⭐️ CHIMERA ⭐️ #28 BiWeekly Update - Fixes and Improvements ⭐️

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Chimera is your all-in-one service software that supports thousands of phone models, for all service functions, without any hardware or box.

你好 China, we care for you!

Now we have a dedicated server to make Chimera faster and more accessible from China. With this update, you will see an option at login to select your region: China or Global. Optionally, you can also change your region after login in the Chimera main menu, at the top right corner (server icon). By selecting China as your region, you will experience great speed improvements in Chimera, if you are based in China. The region selector is available only for China region users.

MTK: improved Repair IMEI functionality

Now with our advanced IMEI security support, the Repair IMEI procedure is available for newer and more phone models.

New features and improvements:
  • MTK: added new supported SoC types (July 5 MTK update)
  • MTK: improved Repair IMEI functionality with advanced IMEI security support
  • MTK: now supporting Repair IMEI for Vivo phones from bootrom mode
  • MTK: now displaying more precise SoC names of connected MTK phones
  • Samsung: downloaded Samsung firmware files are not encrypted anymore

  • MTK: fixed missing procedure buttons when connecting MTK phones in ADB mode
  • MTK: fixed a bug in SoC type recognition for MTK phones connected in ADB mode
  • Qualcomm: fixed a bug related to Qualcomm phone detection
  • Core: fixed a local database handling related bug

Details & discussion: >> HERE <<

Software version: 29.04.1243
Release date: 14 July 2021
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