FURIOS GOLD " AlcatelMTKPhoneUnlockTool RELEASED "

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Hello dear users,

Please note that in order to use this latest update dongle requires and update/re-update using PACK8 from Maintenance. Else application will crash/not start:cool: Please read carefully all the stuff bellow to avoid mutual headakes.


1. Added on installer all operators security backups shared by our users on this forum ! (Folder .\PACK8\Alcatel\Security\BackupSecurityFile)

2. Support OT-606 unlock code calculate/secure region rebuild/full image flash function.

  • It is a new firmware, so OT-606 secure region rebuild function is not added in the tab "Rebuild Secure Region".
  • It is integrated in the "Flash Handset Image" function.
  • There are 2 kinds of flash file for OT-606.
  • One is used for full image flash. Like, 606X-2XALEU1.bin
  • Other one is used for rebuild handset secure region only but will keep other customization setting, like profile/MMS/WAP setting, etc. Like OT606_GoldenSecureFile.bin, it can help user to make the OT-606 phone unlock directly.
More Info.

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