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GSM international news

RCD2 is out ! Free update for RCD users

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RCD2 Service Tools

Martech Team presents newest update for service tool designed for reading out car radios and navigations codes.

RCD2 it's free continuation for users RCD Tools.

The program can be downloaded from here:

Below you can see the changes history of the program:

- Completely rebuilt the program code, optimization algorithms, the speed of action

- Added error handling (checking the file size, consistency, integrity, read the codes)

- New graphics and user interface (the main engine is based on database with much useful information)

- Generate files .log with a record of the transactions (useful when you want to find the code for that radio

you did some time ago - in this way will avoid re-work associated with eg in order to disassemble the radio

read memory)

- The possibility to send .log files to improve the operation of the program

- Automatic recognizing of the windows size, settings and parameters (including paths to the directory with bin files)

- Distribution of data displayed on the Model (model name radios), Manufacturer (radio producer), Destination (auto in which the radio is mounted)

Part No. (Serial number), EEPROM (type of memory where the radio code is stored)

- A new way to display photos of equipment - a small icon in the upper right corner, click on the image make magnifications

- Improved and increased reading additional informations about the radio (serial numbers, versions)

- Fixed K-line protocol activity

- Automatic autoswap mode, the program recognizes the type of content by itself

Splitting the program into the following sections:

Main Menu - contains all the available radios / navigations

Radios - only car stereo receivers

Navigations - only the car navigations

- Possibility to write code directly in the circuit (signals SDA / SCL) as well as writing new code in file dump

Code by SN - models that can be unlocked by generating code from the serial number (radio and navigation)

- From now on just type the full serial number and the program will count the code (the program prompts where serial is stored

and what you need to enter)

i2c Programmer - programmer i2c support, acting through Box / Clip or Key and FTDI interface.

Functions in this section:

- Read, write memory

- Verification of the record mode (automatic identification of cases where the read content contains the same data in the form of "00" or "FF")

- i2c memory search mode (useful when addressing is other than standard)

- i2c bus speed selection

- show mode memory buffer (read and write)

Searching in database can be done in different ways:

- by putting the name of the model (eg 22DC379)

- by putting the name of the manufacturer (eg, Alpine)

- by putting the name of car in which it is mounted (eg Renault)

- by putting the serial number (eg PH575)

- by putting the memory which keeps the code (eg 95320)

- of course in any case just any string of characters (eg 22D)

After selecting desired model on the right side, visible functions are available.

If the code is stored in the i2c memory, there is the ability to read directly, or work on the so-called memory dump.

New models added:

- Skoda MS-202A SKZ2Z5 by Grundig [24lc16]

- Skoda MS-202A SKZ1Z5 6Y0 035 152 by Grundig [24lc16]

- Renault 22DC278/62P FD0403 by Philips [24c32]

- Citroen 22RC200/35 by Philips [24c32]

- VW 2500W-1 VWZ9Z7 1C0 035 186 by Clarion [95160]

- VW RCD300 MP3 VWZ2Z2 1K0 035 186AF by Grundig [24c32]

- Volvo SC-835 VO8350 by Mitsubishi [24c01]

We are waiting for comments, feedbacks and suggestions about tool.

Best Regards

Martech Team

ps. some screenshots:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

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