30.07.2010, SagemEG_V16.7 released!

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30.07.2010, SagemEG_V16.7 released.

What`s new?

--minor bug fixed;

- added support for 7 new models or new FW`s, all with new boot :


-S305, ER-UA-BEELINE-P108A28(S)V1.0.0B02;

-S308, EF-GN-ORANGE-P108A33FM(S)V1.0.0B01;

-S309, EF-GN-ORANGE-P108A33FM(S)V1.0.0B01;

-S318, EF-BI-ECONET-P108A32FM(S)V1.0.0B01;

-The Rock 200, E-GH-MTN-P108A30(S)V1.0.0B01;

-TMN1010, EFSPI-PT-TMN-P108A29(S)V1.0.0B08;


-G1157, P1.2PM02V01.03;


SagemEG_V16.6 is no more supported!

Fastest and safest E-Gold unlocker.

All phones with old boot are supported also.

No exception!

Non stop updates in last 5 years.

SagDD support continues!


Special offer!!!

We are ready to offer special service for some not supported by any tool E-Gold phones.

If you are interested, contact us privatelly about conditions.

Clan GSM, the Best of Brazil Forum


GSM Hosting, the largest forum of the World


Union of the best and strongest.

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