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SRS New update...

SRS Global:

- Updated Online Activator for SRSPRO

- Account Upgrade subscription now valid for one year since last activation

- Added Expire-Date info while activating (in log window)

SRS Samsung Module: (Pack1)

- S3550 Ultra Fast Code Reading. + Reset Usercode (Beta)

- A847, GT-S5350M, GT-S3370, GT-S6700T Read Codes + Reset Usercode

- T359, T469W, T479, T669 Read Codes + Reset Usercode

- Updated Omap database with new versions.

Imei / Bios Module: (Pack2)

- Added Amoi Orange Berlin Unlock by Code

- Added Amoi Orange NewYork Unlock by Code

LG 2G Module: (Pack2)

- Added LG GM360, GM360GO Read Codes

- Added SP Lock Code Reading for GS500, GD510, GM360

Make sure to download latest version at one of the SRS Main Websites

all older client versions stopped working with this release.. so update is REQUIRED !

- Simlock Remote Server US, Instant Online GSM and Laptop Bios Unlock Service by 123unlock.

- Unlock Samsung Online - Samsung Remote Unlock Server EN - Samsung Unlock

- Simlock Remote Server - Unlocking & Repairing mobile phones around the world @ Home


you can discuss this update in SRS Section at GSMHOSTING here:

Soon More.... ;)

Clan GSM, the Best of Brazil Forum

GSM Hosting, the largest forum of the World

Union of the best and strongest.

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