Z3X BOX Samsung Update. Only Innovation solution inside :))

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Samsung 2G Tool 3.4.0056 Update. All first in the world.

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Only innovation solution from z3x-team.;)


- Fast code reading for L770 (60-70sec) - first in the world.

Addition function added:

Read network codes for S5560 - first in the world.

Read network codes for S7070 - first in the world.

Read network codes for M3710 - first in the world.

Read network codes for B5310 - first in the world.

Read network codes for S5620 - first in the world.

Manual how read codes. READ CAREFULL:

1. Download any original firmware.

2. Flash firmware or only apps file to phone.

3. If you got blink phone or freze on logo - flash boot via multiloader.

4. Choise same apps file in firmware window. And choise this fw like for flashing.

5. Press Read codes button.

6. Make all programm steps.

Drivers located inside software folder on support.

Selected model: L770

Selected com port: COM3

Selected speed port: 921600

Phone must be ON with any sim card

Search modem ... OK

Search modem on:COM42

[HWRev]:MP 0.900


[bT ADDR]:001201556677



[uNIQUE NUMBER]:55750000002726



Start search codes... OK



[subset LOCK]:00000000


[CP LOCK]:22222222

Read info - ok

Elapsed time: 71 second, sw ver: 3.4.0056

Exe will be available on support within 1hour.


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