! ! ! New LG Rocker BETA ! ! !

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! ! ! New LG Rocker BETA ! ! !

Year 2009 firmware support - new BETA version


First, we're sorry it took so long, but we were busy with Gremlins (very dangerous Posted Image).

Now, here is beta version which will work with KU990i year 2009, as proof of concept. Other models may work too, but also may not -)

Now about KU990i year 2009 :

- Firmware detection is automatic, but, You can get into "Not supported are You sure" screen. Just click continue and tell us what hapens.

- KU990iGO, KF701, CT-810 may work, but also may not. In any case, if You get blinking phone simply reflash it using "erase EFS" option in LGMDP. We will add definite support maybe even tomorrow for all models.

Please download and install "LGRocker_v1.10_BETA.exe" from support.

And also please report any success/problem here on forum.

Enjoy using Rocker Dongle

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