Nano-Box !!! v1.02.2 You asked for more ??

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Nano-Box v1.02.2

You asked for more ?? Here you have !!!

NanoBox is the BEST product for all SAMSUNG and LG phones (Qualcomm 3G)

- Best support for Qualcomm MCU in market ( Samsung and LG )

- Complete process and operations ( not ONLY unlock process )

- No dirty FLASH or PATCH processes ( easy and buggy process that can kill your phones )

- Added 15 updates since LAUNCHING ( with some WORLD FIRST and exclusive processes )

And this is only the beginning ...

We building a stable and complete SUITE for this 2 brands, soon more updates

This is a long time project, be tunned

Here you have some INFO about NanoBox in "action"

[ Succesfully Unlocked/Flashed phones with Nano-Box ]

Hi to all NanoBox users,

This is the latest Update for Nano-Box customers

As usual for our customers, we continue completing our product, put attention for next updates ...

NOTE : All processes for LG BL20 BL40 GU280 GU285 (and similar family) are WITHOUT flash-patch, direct unlock (20 seconds)


Nano-Box Update - Version 1.02.2


LG3G MODELS (Qualcomm new sec.)

* LG GU280

* LG GU280F

* LG GU285

* LG GU285F

* LG GU285G

- Direct Unlock (no flash, no patching)

- Simlock Backup

- Restore Simlock backup

- Read and Write NV (fix network, charging process, etc ...)

- Repair imei (no flash, no patching)

- Added flashing in both modes (normal mode and emergency mode)

- Added some progression info for big flashfiles (LG)

- Added information about what file is used while flashing (for logging purposes)

- Factory reset

Thanks in advance for your attention.

With best regards,

[ Nano-Team ]

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