NanoBox Suite Update 1.1.9 Ready [26-04-2010]

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Hi to all NanoBox users,

This is the latest Update for Nano-Box customers :


Nano-Box Update - Version 1.01.9


SAMSUNG MODELS (Agere SHA1 protected)

* Samsung B520

* Samsung B528

* Samsung M310

* Samsung M310G

* Samsung M310L

* Samsung M310V

* Samsung M310W

* Samsung M318

* Samsung M320

* Samsung M320L

* Samsung M620

* Samsung M620N

* Samsung M628

* Samsung M628N

- Direct Unlock

- Read ALL lock codes

- Read phone code

- Change / Repair Imei

- Added 1 more MSL calc. algorithm

- All operations can be do it using USB or RJ45 (as you desire)

* Samsung C276L_2

- Added new unlock method

* Samsung C3010

* Samsung C3010C

* Samsung C3010S

* Samsung C3050

* Samsung C3050C

* Samsung C3053

* Samsung C3053C

* Samsung C3060

* Samsung C3060C

* Samsung S3500

* Samsung S3500C

* Samsung S3501C

* Samsung S3500I

- Added Change / Repair Imei

SAMSUNG MODELS (Sysol / Swift old sec.)

* Samsung E250D

* Samsung T219

- Read all lock codes

- Using RJ45 interface

SAMSUNG MODELS (Sysol / Swift new sec.)

* Samsung E251

* Samsung E258D

* Samsung F250

* Samsung F258

* Samsung G608

* Samsung J150

* Samsung J158

* Samsung J210

* Samsung J218

* Samsung J706

* Samsung J708

* Samsung L600

* Samsung L608

* Samsung T229

* Samsung L339

* Samsung E1060

* Samsung E1070

* Samsung E1070T

* Samsung E1075

* Samsung E1075L

* Samsung E1080

* Samsung E1110

- Read all lock codes

- Using RJ45 interface


- Software closes on some MSL2 Samsung models while code reading (fixed)


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Thanks in advance for your attention.

With best regards,

[ Nano-Team ]

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