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Michael Carvalho

BootLoader not responding, mostly RAM problem - FIXED

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v3.3 revision 1.8+fix, Public-Release

DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK MXKEY v3.3 revision 1.8+fix:


- Improved check for update routine.

- Application will check new version on start up, if update found balloon tooltips will be displayed.


- Fixed, DCT4 UFS flashing bug

- Fixed, BB5 UFS flash bug on rev 1.8.

- BootLoader not responding, mostly RAM problem - FIXED


- fixed crash on startup due to "winusb.dll" not found.


Disable your antivirus, download, install and put it in exclusion list.

Public discussion thread:

[MXKEY - BOMB] Public discussion about v3.3 revision 1.8

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