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Protect SPI memory - Martech RCD AMS v0.0.8.37

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Martech RCD AMS v0.0.8.37- Protect SPI memory

Latest Update :

- Ford, 6000 CD Single CD - KW2000, 6S61-18C815-AA, TMS470AVF689 by Visteon - V series

- Ford, 6000 CD Single CD - KW2000, 8M5T-18C815-AB, TMS470R1VF288 by Visteon - V series

- Ford, 6000 Single CD - GGDS, 6M2T-18C815-AG, TMS470AVF689 by Visteon - V series

- Protect SPI memory

How to protect SPI memory for using while RNS315 decoding:

- desolder SPI

- connect as 4-Wire interface

- protect memory

- solder SPI back, short pins 3 and 4 on chip

- continue decoding as it's written in RNS315 decoding manual on forum

Example of protection and unprotection:

Device Information ( EEPROM ) : 95256

Size : 0x8000 (32768) byte

Bus Type : SPI

Bus Mode : 4-Wire Interface.

Bus Speed : 10

UnProtect EEP device ...

Hardware Protection - Disabled.

Blocks : 1 - UnProtected, 2 - UnProtected.


Protect EEP device ...

Hardware Protection - Enabled.

Blocks : 1 - Protected, 2 - Protected.


How to update? Run martech_rcd_ams.exe or download and get latest version via setup:

Check supported models and Clip functions in demo version

Martech Team.


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