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Clan SOFT é o mais completo serviço de downloads para técnicos do Brasil. Arquivos exclusivos, FULL REPAIR, 4FILES, COMBINATION, ÚLTIMOS PATCH MOTOROLA, ÚLTIMOS PROCEDIMENTOS DE REMOÇÃO FRP CONTA GOOGLE Etc... Clan SOFT é feito por técnicos para técnicos, isso faz toda a diferença.
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GSM international news

Sptbox deluxe 14.5.4 released!!! Total recall!!!!

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* First IN World GT-P7300 Flash/Unlock/Imei

* First IN World GT-P7300C Flash/Unlock/Imei

* First IN World GT-P3100 Flash/Unlock/Imei

* First IN World GT-P5100 Flash/Unlock/Imei

* First IN World GT-N8000 Flash/Unlock/Imei

* First IN World GT-S6108 Flash/Unlock/Imei

* First IN World GT-I9050 Flash/Unlock/Imei

* First IN World GT-I8160L Flash/Unlock/Imei

* First IN World GT-I8160C Flash/Unlock/Imei

* First IN World GT-I8160H Flash/Unlock/Imei

* First IN World GT-I8160P Flash/Unlock/Imei

* First IN World SCH-I779 Flash/Unlock/Imei/MEID

* First IN World SCH-I509U Flash/Unlock/Imei

* First IN World SCH-I939 Flash/MEID

* First IN World GT-I9100G Boot Repair(One Click)

* First IN World GT-I9188 Boot Repair(One Click)

* First IN World GT-I9250 Boot Repair(One Click)

* First IN World GT-N8010 Flash Support

* First IN World SCH-I405 Flash Support

* SGH-T769 Flash

* SGH-I927 Flash/Unlock/Imei

* SGH-I927R Flash/Unlock/Imei

* SC-05D Flash/Unlock

* New Gui Interface

* New Support Page

Information of Some new Model Unlocking and imei Following:

* P3100-P5100 and some other model before procedure need make root.

* Root file can find on spt support one file need write to phone with spt one file need put sdcard then run recovery mode and apply sdcard file

* After root Do Reset Default Efs

* Then Factory Mode.

Info For New Support Area:

* Now Support IDM Downloader.

* Before Close Page Need Press Logout Button or Support Will locked if ip change

* Old Support Will Stop Working In Today and Will Moving Dns Its Take 24-48 Hours so Should all user use Torrent support till new support is opened.

* Old Version Spt Sw Will not work anymore login support area should allways use latest spt software for login support area.

Alternative Download Link:

For Update Disscussion Click Following Link:

P.S: Flash File Still Uploading...



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