SRS: Samsung, Doro, Pantech, Huawei, Alcatel and Iphone Update

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SRS: Samsung, Doro, Pantech, Huawei, Alcatel and Iphone Update

While the temperature is rising, also the SRS Updates are getting hotter...

Grab the latest release fast

Whats New

SRS Samsung Module:

[+] Add E1050V Read E2p Codes

[+] Add I8160 Direct Unlock **Exclusive**

[+] Fixed T139 Read E2P

[+] Improved S5839i unlock procedure

[+] Fixed some small bugs

SRS IMEI Module:

[+] Add Iphone lock state lookup

[+] Add Blackberry MEP-11534-010

[+] Add Huawei G6005

[+] Add Doro 345

[+] Add Doro 345 GSM

[+] Add Doro 409

[+] Add Doro 409s

[+] Add Doro 410

[+] Add Doro 410s

[+] Add Doro 610

[+] Add Doro 610s

[+] Add Alcatel 890

[+] Add Alcatel 891

[+] Add Alcatel 908

[+] Add Alcatel 909

[+] Add Alcatel 910

[+] Add Alcatel 980

[+] Add Alcatel 981

[+] Add Alcatel 990

[+] Add Alcatel A890

[+] Add Alcatel A909

[+] Add Alcatel A990

[+] Add Alcatel C908

[+] Add Alcatel C990

[+] Add Alcatel Move

[+] Add Alcatel V958

[+] Add Pantech C3

[+] Add Pantech C300

[+] Add Pantech C510

[+] Add Pantech C600

[+] Add Pantech C610

[+] Add Pantech C630

[+] Add Pantech C740 Matrix

[+] Add Pantech C790 Alladin-Duo

[+] Add Pantech C810 Duo

[+] Add Pantech C820 Matrix Pro

[+] Add Pantech P1010

[+] Add Pantech P2000 Breeze

[+] Add Pantech P2020 Ease

[+] Add Pantech P2030 Breeze III

[+] Add Pantech P5000

[+] Add Pantech P6010

[+] Add Pantech P7000 Impact

[+] Add Pantech P7040 Link

[+] Add Pantech P7040P

[+] Add Pantech P8000 Crossover Android

[+] Add Pantech P9020 Presuit

[+] Add Pantech P9050 Laser

[+] Add Pantech P9070

SRS IMEI Android App:

[+] Add Doro Support

[+] Add Pantech Support

[+] Add Blackberry MEP-11534-010

SRS Calculator API:

[+] Add Doro Support

[+] Add Blackberry MEP-11534-010

[+] Add Alcatel Qcom Support

[+] Add Pantech Support

[+] Add Iphone lock state lookup

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All older versions stop working...

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