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GSM international news

XTC CLIP update version 3.0.4 released

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Unlock All HTC Android Phones

No Need codes

No need logs

No need credits

XTC Clip version 3.0.4 released

What's new:

HTC VISION HBOOT-0.85.x009 added to supported devices

Please remember:

XTC clip is the only device on the market

which supports real S-OFF for HTC

!!! Click here to see what means S-OFF

XTC CLIP Product Description


Full factory unlock (CID, SP LOCK, USER LOCK)

One Click GOLD CARD Creation in just Seconds

- 2-4 seconds for 2GB card

- 6-8 seconds for 8GB card


Unlocking time 20-30 seconds

Solutions is working on any HTC device (do not matter if is S-ON or S-OFF)

The only device on the market which supports "clean s58"

- enable any language without flash the phone

The only device on the market which supports S-OFF for HTC

- S-OFF made by XTC CLIP is permanent

ORIGINAL XTC CLIP Official Support Section

ORIGINAL XTC CLIP Software updates

What is S-OFF (Security Flag Off)

All the best,


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Union of the best and strongest.

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