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oclHashcat-lite v0.09 by ATOM [HD7XXX Support Now!!]

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Hello Hashcat-Users,

I am proud to announce version 0.09 of the oclHashcat-lite series.

Download it here: oclHashcat-lite - advanced password recovery

The highlights of this release are:

Support for AMD GCN cards (hd7xxx series)

I already wrote some more detailed informations about the integration here: oclHashcat running on the new AMD hd7970

This card is a true DES killer. I wrote some more detailed informations about this topic here: Hashcat Development Report II

Added the LM Algorithm

After so many people requested this algorithm in the feature request section I decided to add it even I had not interesst in it.

However, it turned out it was a good investment of time. I realized how many pentester still have need for it.

See here for discussion: LM hash support for OCLHC

Vectorized datatype kernels for sm_21 NVidia architecture

This a massive improvement for low- and mid-ranged NVidia GPUs.

The gtx560Ti @ MD5, for example, increased by 23% (1252 Mhash/s -> 1660 Mhash/s).

This improvement can be seen on nearly all algorithms for this architecture.

MD4 based algorithm tuning

To make it short: I found a way to reverse another step in MD4.

Especially the NTLM and DCC algorithm benefit from this code change.

The hd6990 @ NTLM broke the 20000 Mhash/s mark on stock clocks. Average increase is around + 9% (19100 Mhash/s -> 20864 Mhash/s).

Updated EULA

This goes back to a discussion we had HD Moore from Rapid7.

The updated EULA is a lot more relaxed for professional pentesters than before.

See changelog for more details.

Fixed some major issues

On thing that many user complained about in oclHashcat-lite 0.08 was its "instability" and problems with session restore.

This popped in because of a default-settings change in oclHashcat-lite v0.07. It has been set back to oclHashcat-lite v0.06 default.

Discussion can be found here: oclHashcat-lite v0.08 notes

Harmonization with oclHashcat-plus

The --help page, the --outfile-format and the -m parameter values, in case of an overlap, are now equal to oclHashcat-plus v0.08.

It will help to avoid confusion, thats why I am planning to do the same change on CPU hashcat in the next version.


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