30.01.2012, SagULC2plus _V22.2 released!

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30.01.2012, SagULC2plus released!

- added direct unlock and Phone code reset for :

S309 (newest)

- E-SA-CELLC-P118A19FM(S)V1.0.0B03;

- EF-RW-MTN-P118A19FM(S)V1.0.0B02;

S317 (newest)

- ESP-PE-MOVISTAR-P118A20FM(S)(U)V1.0.0B03;

S319 (newest)

- EF-BI-LEO-P118A20FM(S)V1.0.0B01;


- E-GH-MTN-P118A11(S)V1.0.0B01;

- E-TZ-BHARTI-P118A11(S)V1.0.0B04;

- E-ZM-MTN-P118A11(S)V1.0.0B04;

- E-ZM-MTN-P118A11(S)V1.0.0B07;

- EC-MW-BHARTI-P118A11(S)V1.0.0B03;

- EF-KE-BHARTI-P118A11(S)V1.0.0B02;

- EF-KE-BHARTI-P118A11(S)V1.0.0B06;

- EF-MG-BHARTI-P118A11(S)V1.0.0B02;

- EF-NE-BHARTI-P118A11(S)V1.0.0B03;

- EF-NE-BHARTI-P118A11(S)V1.0.0B04;

- EFL-COD-BHARTI-P118A11(S)V1.0.0B03;


- EF-CF-BINTEL-P118A12(S)V1.0.0B01;


- E-TZ-VODACOM-P118A13(S)V1.0.0B01;

- EF-BI-LEO-P118A13(S)V1.0.0B01;

- EF-ZM-BHARTI-P118A13(S)V1.0.0B03;

- EF-ZM-BHARTI-P118A13(S)V1.0.0B02;


- E-UG-MTN-P118A10(S)V1.0.0B05;

- E-UG-MTN-P118A10(S)V1.0.0B06;

- E-ZM-MTN-P118A10(S)V1.0.0B03;

- E-ZM-MTN-P118A10(S)V1.0.0B04;

- E-ZW-ECONET-P118A10(S)V1.0.0B01;

- EF-BI-AFRICELL-P118A10(S)V1.0.0B03;

- EC-MW-TNM-P118A10(S)V1.0.0B01;

- EP-NA-MTC-P118A10(S)V1.0.0B01;

- ERT-TJ-MLT-P118A10(S)V1.0.0B02;


- HUAWEI G2101V100R001BDIC164B100SEC;

- HUAWEI G2100V100R001BDIC80B101SEC;

- HUAWEI G2100V100R001BDIC80B102SEC;

- HUAWEI G2101V100R001BIHC45B100SEC;

- HUAWEI G2100V100R001BIHC46B102SEC;

- HUAWEI G2100V100R001BLRC40B103SEC;

- HUAWEI G2100V100R001LBRC87B100SEC;

- HUAWEI G2100V100R001RWAC16B101SEC;

- HUAWEI G2100V100R001PAKC19B102SEC;

- HUAWEI G2100V100R001PERC13B203SEC;

- HUAWEI G2100V100R001UGAC16B101SEC;

- HUAWEI G2101V100R001ZAFC27B102SEC;

- HUAWEI G2101V100R001ZAFC27B103SEC;


Unlocking S309 (newest), S317 (newest), S319 (newest), S500, S501, S502, S510, G2100 is credit based.

Phone code reset is free.

All VF246 and VF255 versions

are supported for free!

SagDD support continues!

Good luck!

Entre com sua Conta ou Cadastre-se para ver links no forum.

SagDD Team

Clan GSM, the Best of Brazil Forum


GSM Hosting, the largest forum of the World


Union of the best and strongest.

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