Qualcomm Tool Released V1.05 - Omnia Repair Tool Update - 01/12/2009

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Omnia Repair Tool UPDATE

Qualcomm Supported Now !

Supported CPU

• MSM 6246

• MSM 6260

• MSM 6275

• MSM 6280

• MSM 6281

• MSM 6290

• MSM 72XX ( Beta )

• MSM 75XX ( Beta )

• MSM 76XX ( Beta )

JTAG Operation Features :

• Read Boot

• Write Boot

• Erase Boot

• Above Features Helps you to repair phones as well as read and write options

Qualcomm Devices :

Major GSM Mobile Phones with mostly 3G ALL Mobile phones are supported !

Most Popular Devices :

• F480 Dead Phones

• F480v Dead Phones

• I8510 Dead Phones

• I900 Dead Phones

• S8000 Dead Phones

• I8910 Dead Phones (Qualcomm Boot)

• U700 Dead Phones

• U900 Dead Phones

Usage :

• Connect to JTAG Connection

• Power on phone ( even though it does not power on )

• Put the phone into modem download mode ( even it is dead )

• Start Software

• Select good dump

( if it does not exist in support area – you should read from a good phone )

• Write to Damaged Phone

After all the procedures completed Qualcomm part should be repaired

And just make sure to flash with original firmware after all to complete repair procedures.


As soon as we get More JTAG Pinouts will be uploaded to support section very soon

Support Update:

OMAP 2430 Section

• G810 JTAG Pinouts corrected

• I450 JTAG Pinouts added

• G810 Dump is added ( 16 MB )

• I8510 Dump is added ( 16 MB )

Qualcomm Section Update :

• Qualcomm Tool Release V1.05 Released

• I900 MSM JTAG Pin outs added

• I8510 MSM JTAG Pin outs added

• F480 MSM JTAG Pin outs added

• I900 Qualcomm Dump is added

• I8510 Qualcomm Dump is added

• F480 Qualcomm Dump is added

• F480V Qualcomm Dump is added

• I8910 Qualcomm Dump is added

• G810 Qualcomm Dump is added

• I8510 MSM Repair Manual added

• U700 Qualcomm Dump is added

• U900 Qualcomm Dump is added

Nota pessoal:

• Se você tem dificuldades de usar ou problema entre em contato com o suporte através de página web ou via e-mail!

• como prometemos I8510 totalmente suportado totalmente suportado e I900 para qualquer tipo de problemas de inicialização

• Obrigado por testes beta para todos os amigos e os nossos usuários, eu agradeço vocês!

Vlw a todosbele

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