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Pegasus Box v1.1.9 is out! We have added IMEI and Serial Number (MSL Address) Repair for a wide range of Samsung cell phones. Phones with IMEI 0049.... are also supported!

Pegasus Box v1.1.9 Release Notes:

Added IMEI and Serial Number (MSL Address) Repair for the following Samsung cell phones:

  • Samsung I9000
  • Samsung I9000B
  • Samsung I9000L
  • Samsung I9000M
  • Samsung I9000T
  • Samsung I9003
  • Samsung I9003B
  • Samsung I9003L
  • Samsung I9008
  • Samsung I9010
  • Samsung I9088
  • Samsung I896
  • Samsung I897
  • Samsung I987
  • Samsung P1000
  • Samsung P1000L
  • Samsung P1000M
  • Samsung P1000N
  • Samsung P1000R
  • Samsung P1000T
  • Samsung T849
  • Samsung T959
  • Samsung T959D
  • Samsung I9100
  • Samsung I9100L
  • Samsung I927
  • Samsung I927R
  • Samsung I777
  • Samsung T959V
  • Samsung T759
  • Samsung T959P
  • Samsung I997
  • Samsung T839
P.S. On January 24th our servers will be down for maintenance. Servers will be stopped at 12:00 CET for about 4-5 hours.

P.S.S. If you have a locked Samsung I9020, I9023 or I9250 cell phone, please contact us to test our new beta solution.

Download Pegasus Box v1.1.9



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