***Gsmfinder pc ver2.3.6 (Added 5 zte models)***

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Gsm Finder PC ver 2.3.6 (Added 5 ZTE models)


Whats Is New ?


Added models Zte code calculator in code tool

-Beeline A100

-TMN Easy 50

-ZTE Z533

-ZTE R260

-ZTE R250 Sl1 SX4 Authorization

Whats we have till now ?




Code tool:

Offline code calculator;

ZTE : 31 models supported -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)

Huawei modem: 39 models supported -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)

Alcatel: 32 models -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)

Online code calculator;

Alcatel: 295 models with 31000+PIDS-(PC-need credits/DONGLE-need credits)

Zte :120 models -(PC-need credits/DONGLE-need credits)NEW

Huawei:71 models -(PC-need credits/DONGLE-need credits)

Amoi:2 models -(PC-need credits/DONGLE-need credits)

BIOS Series:16 series -(PC-need credits/DONGLE-need credits)

Motorola:22 models -(PC-need credits/DONGLE-need credits)


Finder tool:

IC compatibility: 13 types -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)

Lcd compatibility : 830 types -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)

cables compatibility: 2038 types -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)

Battery compatibility: 1196 types -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)

ASIC compatibility: 112 types -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)

Flex compatibility: 629 types -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)

TACFAC brand & model: 26921 -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)

Help codes -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)


Berry tool:

Unlock by mep :254 mep supported -(PC-need credits/DONGLE-no credits)

Unlock by prd :8475 prd supported -(PC-need credits/DONGLE-no credits)

Readinfo-MEP/PRD/SFI/APP -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)

Factory setting reset -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)

Engineering screen code calculator-(PC/DONGLE-no credits)


Nk tool:


(Fbus)Sl1,Sl2,Sl3 SX4 Authorization - (PC-need credits/DONGLE-no credits)

(USB)Read BCM Unique ID - (PC-need credits/DONGLE-no credits)

(Fbus)Sl1,SL2,SL3 SD Repair - (PC-need credits/DONGLE-no credits)

(Fbus)SL1,Sl2 Simlock RPL - (PC-need credits/DONGLE-no credits)

(Fbus)SL1,Sl2 Generate Nck code - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)

(No cable)SL3 NCK Calculator(AfterBF)- (PC/DONGLE-no credits)

(Fbus&USB)Read PM(from-to address) - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)

(Fbus&USB)Write PM(from-to address) - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)

(Fbus&USB)Read full PM - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)

(Fbus&USB)Read PM 120 - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)

(Fbus&USB)Read PM 308 - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)

(Fbus)Read Ask - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)

(Fbus&USB)Write rpl - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)

(Fbus&USB)Counter reset (rapido) - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)

(Fbus)CHK - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)

(Fbus&USB)Send NCK KEYB - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)

(Fbus&USB)Send NCK F-bus - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)

(Fbus&USB)Reset security code - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)

(Fbus&USB)Read security code - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)

(Fbus&USB)Set full factory defaults - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)

(Fbus&USB)Reset Life timer - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)


(Fbus)Read PM(from-to address) - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)

(Fbus)write PM(from-to address) - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)

(Fbus)Read full PM - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)

(Fbus)Read PM 120 - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)

(Fbus)Read PM 208 - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)

(Fbus)Reset security code - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)

(No cable)Generate mastercode DCT4 - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)

(No cable)Calculate Unlock code - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)

(Fbus)Write SL rpl DCT4++ - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)

(Fbus)Vibrator ON/OFF - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)

(Fbus)Unlock RSA DCT4++ - (PC-need credits/DONGLE-no credits)

(No cable)DCT4 IMEI RPL - (PC-need credits/DONGLE-no credits)

BB5 & DCT4;

(Fbus&USB)Scan - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)


Cdma tool:


Createunlock file - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)

ZTE:1 model

Spunlock - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)

Readinfo - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)


Support tool :

Login for flashfiles

Login for Credits

Distributer and Resseller list


Credits& activations :

Tab where user can see the status of activations and help


Supported interface :


Original Thread:

Clan GSM, the Best of Brazil Forum


GSM Hosting, the largest forum of the World


Union of the best and strongest.

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