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Update SRS server 01-01-2012

First of all we want to wish you a very happy 2012, A year full with new phones to unlock, so this is the first SRS Update for 2012

Whats new?

SRS Samsung Module 10.0.48:

- Direct Unlock SHW-M250s, I9108, P6200(need root)

- SAFE Direct Unlock + Imei Repair S5360, S5363, B5510, B5512, S6102

- Code Reading and Direct Unlock and Imei Repair for T499 and T589

- E2P Code Reading for E1182, E1186i, and T155g

- Updated for latest Android root bypass (working till version 2.3.6)

- Updated Samsung Drivers to latest version

- Add backup Decrypt Server

- New GUI samsung module

- Display codes on direct sysinfo unlock

- fixed several small bugs

SRS IMEI Module:

- Added: OPTIMUS Sydney, Vodafone 550, and Vodafone 945

- Added: HuaWei G20, G6005, G6608, G6620, G7210, Panama

- Added: KPN Touch, T-mobile vairy touch 811, Orange Rio 2

- Added: Coral 255, 550, 555, 725, 850 models

- Added: SFR StarAddict, StarNaute, StarShine, StarText, StarTrail

- Added: SFR 551, SFR 522, SFR 261, SFR 155, SFR 116

- Added: ZIK V6202, ZIK V8310, ZONG R221, ZONG R231

- Added: ZTE R222, X630, X632, X670, X671, X672, X730

- Added: Viettel V6202, Telstra Smart Touch T3020

- Added support for new ZTE B04 Firmwares (Blade etc)

- Some changes in GUI

- Fixed bug in Imei Check

Make sure you download latest srs client from

Unlock Samsung Online - Remote Unlock Server EN - Samsung Simlock Removal


Direct Link to latest version

all older versions stop working from now.

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