*** Cyclone Box Firmware v01.0C Avaiable ***

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Cyclone Nokia Application v01.0C, (Nov 25 2009 03:18:28, gcc v4.3.2, RTOS V6.0.0), Type: Signed Production Application


- SmartCard reset procedure rewritten from scratch, SC Reset takes now 20-30ms instead 0.5 - 1s

- Baud autonegotiation for SmartCards added using FI/DI ATR Parameters, this results faster card transactions, etc.

- Clock speed negotiation added for some cards (up to 20MHz)

- Added support for protocol autonegotiation (T=0, T=1), for some cards

- Added support for D5xxxxxx and D6xxxxxx series Cyclone Cards (TPDU problem)

- More debug messages while dealing with Smartcard added

- Minor changes and bugfixes

If your box working ok, and you aren't encountering SmartCard problem(s), update is not necessary.

Best Regards,

More coming..............

Cyclone Team

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