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MXKEY - Major update

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MXKEY · v3.3 revision 1.0, Public-Release

Major update


Improved,Application Signing system

- client time will be checked before signatures generation to avoid duplicate error request.

- date-time issue bug on server side fixed.

- no messages will be displayed if signatures invalid when working in FREE module (siemens).

Added,Server status info on server check

- ping check removed, so there will be no more firewall problem.

Redesigned, Modules Manager page

- This will make the possibility to update single module at future updates.

Check for daily update re-enabled.

- application will check update once a day and will be displayed in tooltips when new update found.


- Added BB5 RAPIDO STN8815(N96) usb flashing(Dead Usb also possible)

- Fixed DCT4PLUS ASIC 0x3168 patch unlock and imei changes (2630 v52.70,2680 v06,80)

- Fixed BB5 Flashing (partitioning bug)

- Fixed Fast flashing bug when using JAF box.

- Added PM308 1 backup on 'BB5 SW downgrade fix'

Other modules recompiled for major api changes.


Please 'Sign Application' first,make sure you have correct date,time setting on your computer.

Every card have 5 chances to request digital signature from server.


Also Available Download from:

MXKEY- Official mirror


Buy only from MXKEY authorized resellers:


MXKWY v3.3 revision 1.0 public discussion thread:


ps: as you can see, "Redesigned, Modules Manager page"

just keep watching what will be appear in short time

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PS2: Added a special message

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