MTBox Ver 2.1 Released. New featrures added.

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MTBox Ver 2.1 Released. New featrures added.

MTBox Ver 2.1 Released

- button name exchange ( rapido rpl -> SL20 )

- asking for log/pass for normal gt server operation added

- new service ( RAP3 RPL ) need write login/pass = boxlogin

MTBOX Supported now all RAP3 including the HASH 9DDBF:

3600c, 5220, 7210c, 7310, 7510a, 6600s, 6600f, 7610s etc ...

- Unlock/Lock/Simlock/repair all nokia BB5 phones RAP3 SL2 (Except SL3 XX.XX sw version)

- Calculation Simlock RPL RAP3G (dont repair IMEI 123456-12-654321-x)

- HASH 9DDB phones unlock added ( 3600c, 5220, New 5800, 7210c, 7310, 6600s, 6600f, 7610s, New 96 etc... )

- Is absolutly new service.

- Working only with new credits and process for credits activation totally new .

- Now we add credits directly to box .

- Login/pass no exist for this new service.

More -

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Best Regards GSMinfo

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