Mcnpro Box new update to version 3.2.2 !!! ★★★★★

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What's new for Mcnpro box version 3.2.2 ? New!!

  • Spreadtrum 6610/20 new Flash ICs added
  • Spreadtrum 6610/20 format bugs fixed
  • Spreadtrum bootloader detecting info added




    [TD="class: alt2"]

    [G:8 11 12 16 D-:9 D+:10 Down:7] Apply to Box

    Checking SCI USB2Serial port, wait...

    SCI USB2Serial Port: COM45

    Connecting, wait...

    Phone Connected!

    Info: Spreadtrum Boot Block version 2.0

    Initialize boot2...

    CPU Info 6600M/E

    Flash Type NOR

    Flash ID 00EC257E(25082501)

    Flash Model K5L2931CAM

    Flash Size 0x1000000(16.0M)

    Start Reading...





  • Spreadtrum bootloader improved
  • Add Mstar new Flash ICs
  • Mstar bootloader improved
  • Other small report bugs fixed
Upgrading from Previous Versions:

Version of 3.2.2 request install Suite version 2.1.0 and Box Firmware version upgrade to V1.15 at first . So we recommend that all customers running previous versions now upgrade to new version which is available for all customers with valid, To download that from support section !

More information and Discussion at here >>

Best regards !


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