Semi Tethered Jailbreak For iOS 5 Released !By BigBoss

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Okay, here's some good news for Apple users who are waiting for a tethered jailbreak, Today BigBoss released Semi Tethered jailbreak that will allow users who run iOS 5 firmwares to reboot your iOS 5 jailbroken iPhone at will while away from your computer!

Yeah no more, rebooting your iDevice using your computer and Redsn0w, this will fix the problem, but first in order to enjoy Semi Tethered jailbreak you must follow this steps to enjoy the tool after the jump:

STEP 1: Download Redsn0w 0.9.9b7 for Windows or Mac

STEP 2: Now simply add this repo to your Cydia sources: Semitethered Jailbreak | iPhone News, Apps, BigBoss, Guides & Jailbreaking

STEP 3: After installing the package, reboot your device.

STEP 4: Congrats, now you will enjoy tethered jailbreak for your iPhone, no more reboot from your computer.

Before I go, here's a video guide that will show you the above steps:

Here Video Manual

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