Infinity Nokia BEST Dongle : Now you can downgrade all BB5 Phones

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Dear Customers,

We are excited to inform you it is now possible to downgrade all BB5 phones with BEST Dongle

Here is simple instruction how-to downgrade new SL3 phones via Erase method.

( Also this will be useful for repair phone - like - full SW rebuild ( Erase )

Platforms :

By ONLY USB cable can be done with :

RAPU11 - 6700, E52,E72, 5630, C5, N8, C7, C6-01, C3-01, X3-02, C5-03, E7, E6, E5, X7, T7 and others.

RAPU21 - X3-02, C3-01, 500, 600, 700, 701 and others ...

By FBUS ( RPL BACKUP via JAF box as interface ) + all other via USB can be done with :

RAPIDO - 5530,N97,5800,C6,5250,5230,X6,E71,E75 and others

FBUS needed only for RPL backup (NPC/CCC/HWC sections). Erase, Flash, Repair - possible by USB cable only.

By FBUS ( Log reading ) + all other via USB can be done with :

RAPV4 - X3, 3710, 6303i, 7230 and same ...

FBUS needed only for log read (for security repair operations). RPL backup, Erase, Flash, Repair - possible by USB cable only.

By FBUS can be done with :

RAP3G phones - 6303c, 5130 and same ...

OLD RAPIDO phones - 5800, N81 and same ...

OLD RAPU11 phones - 6700, E52, E72 and same ...

Example with RAPU21 phone - Nokia 500 (RM-750)

Phone version before : 010.31

Needed version to flash : 010.29

Using USB cable.

Actions :

1st step : RPL backup, PM backup, PP backup

2nd step : Erase FLASH

3rd step : Flash needed FW version

4th step : RPL restore

5th step : Repair SDD if needed, do Local SX4 + Upload PM

6th step : Factory sets, edit production data, run phone

Time for all - less than 5 minutes

More logs and instructions for this update can be found HERE

You can activate BEST Dongle on Infinity box instantly click HERE

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