03 October 2009 : Blackberry Unlock Client for New Security Released

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03 October 2009 : Blackberry Unlock Client for New Security Released

InfinityUpdate_ClientBB_v1.02 Released

User needs to install Microsoft DOT Net 3.5 inorder to use the software

Microsoft dot net framework can be downloaded from Please login or register to see this link.

Q. Is this a paid service or Free service?

A. This is a paid server, 1 credit can unlock 1 phone

Q. What does the Blackberry Client do ?

A. Blackberry Client gives you the unlock code for your blackberry phones

Q.Which Model or security is supported?

A.All Blackberry phones with New and Old security are supported

Q.What does the user need to submit in order to get the unlock code?

A.You can get the unlock code by 2 method

1) By entering IMEI + Country + Network or

2) By entering IMEI + MEP

Q. How much time does it take to get the Unlock code

A. It usualy takes 30 seconds to get the unlock code

Q. Is the client software automated and works 24/7 ?

A. Yes our client software is automated and works 24/7 in real time

Q. What is the price and Where to buy login, password and credits to use with the client software.

A. For prices and purchasis You can contact us or our exclusive Distributor

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