Medusa Box: New Complete JTAG Tool for LG Resurrection!

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Medusa Box

Product main features:

  • LG 3G-Cyon-Show-FOMA phones support
  • Anycall phones support
  • Fast updates and customer support
  • Easy-to-use, multilingual interface
Supported models:


Huawei: Huawei E153, Huawei E1550, Huawei U1000S, Huawei U120S

LG: LG C710h, LG CT810, LG CT815, LG CU405, LG CU500, LG CU575, LG CU720, LG CU920, LG E720, LG GD880, LG GD880f, LG GM730, LG GM730e, LG GM730f, LG GM735, LG GM750, LG GM750h, LG GM750n, LG GM750Q, LG GT540, LG GT540f, LG GT540G, LG GT540GO, LG GT540R, LG GT810H, LG KH1000, LG KH1200, LG KH1400, LG KH1600, LG KH1800, LG KH1800M, LG KH2100, LG KH2200, LG KH2700, LG KH3100, LG KH3900, LG KH6400, LG KH6500, LG KH8200, LG KU1000, LG KU4300, LG KU730, LG KU9100, LG KU9300, LG KU9600, LG L-04A, LG L-06A, LG L601i, LG LV7400, LG P500, LG P500H, LG P509, LG SH110, LG SH150, LG SH150A, LG SH210, LG SH240, LG SH410, LG SH460, LG SH470, LG SH640, LG SH650, LG SU100, LG SU430, LG SU910, LG SU960, LG TU720, LG TU915, LG U8210

Samsung: Samsung W330, Samsung W460, Samsung W720, Samsung ZV10

Siemens: Siemens EF81

Vodafone: Vodafone 715

ZTE: ZTE MF100, ZTE MF180s

When you buy this product, you get:

  • Medusa Box and Dongle
  • Universal testpoints set
  • RJ-50 Cables for soldering
  • JTAG Clip by GsmServer
  • FREE access to flash file download area at

    Entre com sua Conta ou Cadastre-se para ver links no forum.

Look for more details at

Entre com sua Conta ou Cadastre-se para ver links no forum.


Best regards,

GsmServer Team

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Union of the best and strongest.

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