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FIS Navi Decoder by Martech Team

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Martech FIS Tools is a mobile application, supported by Martech CLIP.

The basic features include:

- Read, write and verify eeprom area in FIS processor

- Read and possibly change the code (if the code is not in the database).

Version 1.0 supports models from Audi, Ford, Seat, Skoda, VW and other Blaupunkt versions.

The list of supported models is constantly growing.

FIS Tools ensure safe handling of checked and validated models.

Operation is simple and intuitive. Communication interface consists of only two lines and power lines, which are plugged directly onto target board.

In a short time we will provide testpoint pictures, which will be open on CLIP.

More photos, descriptions will be available soon.

We say THANKS to all project supporters.






Warning! Special offer only 50 sets of RCD Full Set.

Are you Box II or Key user? Are you interested in Radio Code Full Pack?

Only now, the exhaustion - 50 sets for our regular customers at good price:)

Set includes:

- Clip device, RCD and RCD PRO activations

- all possible cables and expanders for the above programs

Interested? Please contact us at shop@martech.pl or sonork: 100.112959

Best Regards

Martech Team


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