Gsmfinder V2.0.8

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Gsmfinder V2.0.8

Just need Register and get it Free

:PMore Updates Coming Soon :P

Whats new in V2.0.8

01.Dits Gsmfinder Renamed to Gsmfinder

02. Skin Design changed

03.Add New Module Separate for NOKIA Tools

04. Under Cable finder

(A) Added UFC4 jig finder

(B) lcd combatibility updated for Blackberry, Samsung, nokia

© cable combatibility updated for Nokia, UFC

(D) battery compatibility updated for Samsung, Nokia, LG, HTC, Motorola

05. Added sl1 network unlock

06. Added BackUp PM for all dct4+,dct4++,bb5

08. Added Alcatel under Calc Code. Models: C820, C825, MandarinaDuck, S215, S218, S319, S320, S321, S853, V770

09. Distributers & Ressellers updated

10. Added new ZTE X670, GX670

What we have till now ?

ZTE :29 models supported - codecalculator

Huawei Modem:39 models supported - codecalculator

Alcatel:10 models - codecalculator

Nokia: All SL1 and DCT4+/DCT4++ unlock supported and Read PM

IC Compatibility: 13 Types

Lcd Compatibility : 655 Types

Cables Compatibility: 1677 Types

Battery Compatibility: 1154 Types

ASIC Compatibility: 112 Types

Public discussion thread about Gsmfinder V2.0.8

***Gsmfinder news Thread ***



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