Martech BIG Update 03/08/2009

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Martech BIG Update 03/08/2009

Martech RCD Service Tools V1.5.0.0

New code calculators :

- Renault calculator (so called precode for Philips and VDO in Reanult cars,

works on very big range of types from 2000 up to 2009 year)

- Grunding calculator (various models)

- Philips calculator (various models)

Posted Image

How to use?

- for Renault radio you must put 1 alphabetic and 3 numeric characters (like V123)

- for Philips & Grunding you must put 7 alphabetic and 7 numeric characters

You can calc only 2 codes per day for above models.

You must be connected to internet while code calculating.

Why there is limitation for 2 codes daily?

It's beacuse of some irresponsible users which are putting free codes around the net.

They ruins and destroys investment of honest users.

Some facts about RCD Service Tools

- supports over 2000 various types via SN

- supports almost 600 various via bin file !

Remember ! You can use Martech Box II Plus / Clip as i2c programmer !

Unlocking car radio with Martech devices is simply and safely.

You don't need other programmers, additional tools and adapters!

Martech TEAM

Do you have unsupported radio and need our help ?

Contact us!

How to get this V1.5.0.0 ? It's simply - run rcd.exe and process of self update will begin.

Be READY ! For next BIG updates Posted Image

Martech Team

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