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why you need easy draw if you have other drawing in hand

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Dear all ,
I think all people have the same question ,
I have other drawing in hand aready ,like zxw ,why I need one more drawing ?

Yes ,it is good quesiton .

1.Easy draw have handreds of fault diagram,about iphone x ,6s ,6sp ,6 6p ,huawei,xiaomi and so on ,but zxw no have .that one will let you know how use the drawing ,how to solove the problem when you meet the same problem .

2.Easy draw have double open function ,can open bitmap and schematic diagram at same time in same display ,you can know the circuit principle easliy when you use bitmap ,and more than 99.5% accuracy.zxw and others no

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3.we keep updating weekly or daily .i think no one can do it

4.we can use 3 pc at same time ,and now 13 month support (in promote time),others 1 pc and 12 month only .

you can use it instant ,bz after you buy it ,we can activated fast ,you logo in account and passcode only ,no dongle needed !no shipping waste time!

vedio for easy draw from our reseller

so even you have one drawing in hand ,you also need our easy draw .
if you are reseller ,join in our team .work together !!!
contact email:1074256126@qq.com

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