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HDBox-V1.9-EFI/iCloud instant unlock

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Added proper detection mechanism of Apple EFI App running app
- when you want to update firmware from Update & About tab now it will detect if the Apple EFI App is running and stop the update process, as you cannot update an running app on hdbox. First you have to close it

Improved functionality when erasing EFI chip
- depending on SPI chip model & usage ( older chips are some slower ) the full erase time were longer than expected. Now waiting for erase completion is flexible and handle all variable casses.

Fixed logic issue at writing larger blocks
- HDBox manager prior to 1.9 version had two issue at writing data:
- When writing large blocks of data, the required was longer than maximum allowed by WINDOWS USB stack, and some data was discarded.
- On windows XP short transfers were also discarded by WINDOWS USB Stack, and we tweaked our transfers to overcome this. ( Yes, we support all windows version, from WindowsXP to Windows 10 )

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