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ICCID loophole for stable 4G blocked by apple again, R-SIM12 TMSI Model

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The perfect ICCID loophole for stable 4G signal of China Mobile and Unicom has been blocked again. For customers who already unlocked the phone, please comply with following regulations: Do not root the phone with computer(you can directly update the system from the phone by OTA, i.e. Settings-General-Software Update); do not wipe your iPhone; do not change SIM card; do not change unlocking mode! But don’t worry! The new unlocking card is coming soon! New editable ICCID will make your unlock sim card perfect again. Edit ICCID code *500*7672*88#. At this transitional period before new ICCID, R-SIM12 has multiple built-in programs. It allows switching to other unlocking modes. Switch code *5005*7672*00#

The latest iOS11.2 system. After ICCID blocked, R-SIM12 built-in TMSI.2G/3G/4G unlocking mode still works for unlocking iphone 4G signal, by using previous operation methods for i7&6s. For customers who successfully unlocked 4G signal of China Mobile and Unicom, DO COMPLY WITH the following notes: Do not root the phone with the computer( directly update your system from the phone, i.e. Settings-General-Software Update); Do not wipe your iPhone; Do not change SIM card; Do not change unlocking mode. And your phone will continuously work like unlocked. R-SIM team is working hard for new perfect unlocking methods…, coming soon!

How to use R-SIM12 TMSI Model--From 6th Dec 2017



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