MXKEY v3.4 rev 1.6 - Nokia and Alcatel updates

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MXKEY v3.4 revision 1.6

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What is new:



- Added, Certificate Reset function

Allows user reset NPC/CCC/HWC/VARIANT

Panel located to [iMEI & Security->IMEI rebuild]

- Added, ALS calibration function

Page located to [Phone Test->ALS Cal]

- Added, Provider info on Multilocked phones

- Added, Phone timers edit

Allows users to edit life timers, read calls received, calls dialed, last call and calls all

- Updated providers.ini based on Annex to ITU OB 958-E (No. 958 – 15.VI.2010)

- Make SIMLOCK RPL selected by default

- Repair SD button moved to PM Tab

- Reset NPC button removed as no longer needed

(replaced by Certificate Reset)



- Larger font for PID list as requested by user

- Added module) to the main setup

MX-KEY official web sites:

International - (in construction)

Indonesia - MX Key INDONESIA WebSite

India - MX Key INDIA WebSite

Russia - MXKey RUSSIA WebSite

MX-KEY official support forums:

World Wide: MXKEY (by Alim Hape) - GSM-Forum

Indonesia: MXKEY Dongle

Philippine: Gsmph

Arabic world: ÏäÛá Çã ÇßÓ ßí (MX-KEY)

NEW - Pakistan: MXKEY (by Alim Hape) NEW




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