ORIGINAL HWK Repair Dongle software v1.1 from MXKEY TEAM

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!! THE ONLY ORIGINAL HWK Repair Dongle Software by MXKEY TEAM is ready !!

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ORIGINAL HWK Repair Dongle software v1.1

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easy to use software ( ONE BUTTON Repair Solution with

Automatic Interface Detection - AID )

using 3.3V TTL signals for communication (will not damage your

HWK like other 5V datacables/solutions do !!!)

plug and play - using tested communication IC -

PL2303 Prolific with drivers readily available

no need any power adaptor or power supply as it uses power

from USB port only

flexible and good quality cables that enables you to programm

HWK in any position and not directly near the USB port You are

FREE TO MOVE unlike other products !

easy to insert into HWK versions that have programming holes

easy to hold using your hand or solder wires using the color

code of cables on other types of HWK for NEW models of HWK

easy to convert to datacable, usb interface & many more

(has all the required signals placed so you make money long time using it)

easy to program any other Texas Instruments IC' that supports BSL protocol !

tested ONE BY ONE by our team !



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