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HDBox V1.7.3--iCloud Removal & extended operations

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  • http://hdb-team.com/wp-content/uploa...pplication.png HDB-V1.7.3.exe , Wednesday April 12, 2017 3.718.144 bytes
    Managment software V1.7.3 for HD-Box,
    *SPECIAL UPDATE* iCloud removal for Apple Computers(iMac, MacBook, AirBook, etc.), Added new iMac & MacBook tab for extended operations regarding apple computers:
    • Can read the SPI FLASH directly using SPI interface,
    • Can display detailed info about the EFI Image (computer name, computer SN, etc),
    • Can instantly show firmware password for 2011 and early macs,
    • Can remove the firmware password and tidy up password zone for later mac models,
    • Can show icloud account details ( First and Last name, email account),
    • Can detect if icloud lock is active, both 4digit and 6digit ones,
    • Can remove the icloud lock and tidy up the icloud zone,
    • Can help fix Intel Management Engine issues (Macs not starting, or restarting all the time),
    • Can write directly back to SPI FLASH
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