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NanoBox : Update V 1.3.5 READY we did it again

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NanoBox Suite Update 1.3.5

Are you TIRED of flash-patch-kill Samsung/LG phones ???

Not loose your time (and money) with difficult patching/flashing procedures for unlock them.

This can damage (kill) or make loose of data inside customers phones, Nanobox is the solution.

Website : Http://www.nano-box.eu/index-showReg...e_news.php.htm

P.D. Another WORLD FIRST "without patching" will be added in the next days (so keep attention ...)

Hi to all NanoBox users,

This is the latest Update for Nano-Box customers :


Nano-Box Update - Version 1.03.5


SAMSUNG MODELS ( Broadcom - BCM2153 by MicroUSB UART )

* Samsung S5620

- Read All lock codes (EXCLUSIVE WORLD FIRST !!!)

- Time for unlock : 16-18 seconds aprox.

- Read / Clear phone / Sim code by MicroUSB UART or MicroUSB cable

- 100% Safe method, no patch, no boot change and no flashing (as usual)

- Added flashing / repairing functions

- Flashfiles will be completed in the next days

SAMSUNG MODELS ( Broadcom - BCM2133 by MicroUSB )

* Samsung S5560

* Samsung S7070

- Added flashing / repairing functions

- Flashfiles will be completed in the next days


* Samsung S3370 (flashing ...) (http://www.nano-box.eu/images/S3370_flashing.jpg)

* Samsung S5620 (flashing ...) (http://www.nano-box.eu/images/S5620_flashing.jpg)

* Samsung S5620 (read codes ...) (http://www.nano-box.eu/images/S5620_readcodes.jpg)

* Samsung S7070 (flashing ...) (http://www.nano-box.eu/images/S7070_flashing.jpg)

Thanks in advance for your attention.

With best regards,

[ Polar Team ]

[ Http://www.nano-box.eu ]

[ Http://www.polarbox2.net ]

[ Http://www.bb-box.net ]

[ Http://www.polarteam.net ]

[ Http://www.auto-polar.com ]

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