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🐙 Octoplus/Octopus Samsung - change in conditions! 🐙

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Dear Octopus Box users,

On your numerous requests we have reduced the price of FRP/Reactivation unlock to the lowest possible!

From now on "Factory Reset FRP / Reactivation" costs only 120 credits + Octopus/Octoplus Server credits at discounted price! As the result, the price is reduced in a half!

And don't forget:
No need to solder any JTAG/eMMC wires to reset FRP, so no chance to damage your device!
No more waiting in queues!
No more desktop sharing!
No more hassle with combination files!
Process time: mostly instant!
All phones are supported! 100% success!
This solution is kind of last resort. You're not forced to pay for it if don't really need it. But when you get a non-supported model,
if you're afraid to get a bootloop, if you don't have much time to play with that or you're just not skilled enough - this solution is right for you!

More info and discussion are HERE
Octoplus Box Team

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