28-10-2010 Infinity Nokia BEST Dongle update released Fbus flashing by UFS added

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BEST Ver. 1.09 released

USB flashing improved

  • Certificate Write/Erase added for RAPUYAMA, BroadComm, RAP3Gv4
  • Blank pmm write activated via USB
  • Some bugfixes
  • Loaders updated
UFS support

  • UFS communication improved
  • "Check" option added
  • Flashing added (CMT/APE) Old Protocol
  • Cert Write/Read/Erase added
User Data operations improved

  • MMC password reading improved
  • WD2 PhoneBook operations improved
  • Read "To Do", "Notes" For S40 added
  • Read Calendar / Write Calendar - Select "evpkg" instead "event"
  • Added Write PhoneBook support for RAPUYAMA, BroadComm, RAP3Gv4 Series 40 phones
  • Fbus gallery reading improved
Repair options

  • Camera configuration read/repair (USB)
  • Read RPL now collect Certs and Flex keys
  • Erase Flash - S40 special - erase FS (USB/UFS)
  • RPL write improved ( NMP/Plain type support )
  • WD2 connection improved, Added "Force D2 mode"
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