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MC9S12xx Decoder V1.0 Martech TEAM

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MC9S12xx Decoder V1.0

Application designed for Martech Clip, allows to service radios based on MC9S12xx processors.

Available functions:

- reading details about radio (part, serial number)

- reading original radio code

Whole operation takes seconds and runs directly on Clip (no need to use PC computer)

Currently supported models:

- Skoda Stream (all versions) and Dance

- VW RCD300 (all versions)

- Ford by Sony (ex. CD132, C307, CD340 - units from so called V and M series)

- Chrysler (P05064362AA, P0509165AB)

Posted Image

Posted Image

MC9S12xx Flasher V1.0

It covers:



MC9s12D64, MC9s12DG128, MC9s12DG256, MC9s12DP512, MC9s12DG128

MC9s12H128, MC9s12H256, MC9s12HZ128, MC9s12HZ256, MC9s12HZ64

MC9s12XD256, MC9s12XD64, MC9s12XDG128, MC9s12XDP384

MC9s12XDP512, MC9s12XHZ256, MC9s12XHZ512

For now supported is reading eeprom, we will update for writing, also different flash sizes.

How to connect ? (it's in tool build in also) 4 wires:



PORT2.1 - Vdd (+5V)

PORT2.7 - Vss (GND)

We advise to connect external CLIP power supply instead of USB cable !!

Posted Image

Decoder is FREE for RCD PRO users and works only on CLIP.

Martech TEAM

MARTECH Team - Official WebSite

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