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RCDPRO V0.0.3.9 - RNS510 service functions

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RCDPRO V0.0.3.9 - RNS510 service functions

From now you can service RNS 510 navigations directly from PC, available commands:

- Read Info

- Write Code (0000-9999)

- Repair - Write Date

- Repair - Write Part No. (ex. 1T0035680B)

- Repair - Write Serial No. (ex. VWZ6Z7H1234567)

- Eject CD, Test Radio

- Set LCD colours (white, red, blue, green, black)

- Test LCD (center, control, dps, touch, line)

- Set Logo (Skoda, Toureg, Passat, Seat)

- Set TV/VIDEO Free - on/off

- Changing coding system - configuration: China, Europa, Japan, North America.

- You can also activated HDD, DVD

This allows to convert units from one to other region.

All functions except tv free needs test mode before perfoming operations.

Use your RNS510 interface to connect. Some functions depends on navi firmware.

Update is FREE for all RCD PRO users.

Actual models list supported by RCD PRO

Download: Link

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