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  1. Dear Forum Members, Software version: 21.47.0820 Release date: 18. June 2019 What's new? Added Unlock Online, RMM/KnoxGuard Unlock, Firmware Flash for Qualcomm Models: Samsung Galaxy S10e (SM-G970U, SM-G970U1, SM-G970W) (AT&T, Cricket, Xfinity (ATT, AIO, CCT)) Samsung Galaxy S10 (SM-G973U, SM-G973U1, SM-G973W) (AT&T, Cricket, Xfinity (ATT, AIO, CCT)) Samsung Galaxy S10+ (SM-G975U, SM-G975U1, SM-G975W) (AT&T, Cricket, Xfinity (ATT, AIO, CCT)) Samsung Galaxy S10 5G (SM-G977U) (AT&T, Cricket, Xfinity (ATT, AIO, CCT)) Samsung Galaxy A70 (SM-A705F, SM-A705FN, SM-A705GM, SM-A705MN, SM-A705W, SM-A705YN) Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 2018 (SM-T387AA) Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 10.5 2018 (SM-T837A) Added Read Codes Online, RMM/KnoxGuard Unlock, Firmware Flash For Exynos Models: Samsung Galaxy A10 (SM-A105FN, SM-A105N) Samsung Galaxy A20e (SM-A202F, SM-A202K) Samsung Galaxy A20 (SM-A205YN, SM-A205S, SM-A205W) Samsung Galaxy A30 (SM-A305N, SM-A305YN, SM-A3050, SM-A3058) Samsung Galaxy A40 (SM-A405F, SM-A405FN, SM-A405FM) Samsung Galaxy A50 (SM-A505YN, SM-A505U, SM-A505W, SM-A505N) Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 2019 (SM-T515, SM-T515N, SM-T517) Samsung Galaxy J2 Core 2018 (SM-J260A) Samsung Galaxy S10 (SM-G977N, SM-G977B) Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro 2018 (SM-G8870) Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 2019 (SM-P205) Added Patch Cert for Exynos Models: Samsung Galaxy S9 (SM-G960F, SM-G960N) Samsung Galaxy S9+ (SM-G965F, SM-G965N) Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (SM-N960F, SM-N960N) Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 (SM-A750F, SM-A750FN, SM-A750G, SM-A750GN) Added Patch Cert for MTK Models: Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime+ (SM-G532F, SM-G532M, SM-G532MT, SM-G532G) Samsung Galaxy J7 Max 2017 (SM-G615F, SM-G615FU) Samsung Galaxy Galaxy J7+ (SM-C701F) Samsung Galaxy C8 (SM-C7100, SM-C7108) The "Restore calibration from server" option is enabled in the "Backup/Network Repair" group More info about the update >> HERE <<
  2. Smart-Clip2 Software v1.33.01 released! We have added option to override Kirin bootloader from factory firmware and more... More info and discussion are HERE. Smart-Clip2-On! Best Regards GSMServer team
  3. SigmaKey Software v2.33.01 released! We have added option to override Kirin bootloader from factory firmware and more... More info and discussion are HERE. Best Regards GSMServer team
  4. Dear Unlockers We are back and we made a nice update for YOU : Please take it here : Micro-BOX update Is compatible for : - Micro-Box - Micro-Dongle - SL-Box - MAGMA Box - HXC Dongle - Main Infinity-Box - Infinity-Box Dongle - Infinity-Box [BEST] - Infinity-Box CDMA-Tool Please allways use last update ! Br Julvir
  5. Avengers Box The Past - Present & Future Generation Tool What's New? Avengers Box Android MTK Module
  6. Added Master Reset for Blocked dongle 2 Maximum Master reset allowed [Hidden Content]
  7. whats news: this new update add VIVO MT6771 CPU Boots with this,if you enable adb and not cdc driver come,you can unlock direct select Model X21i_Function2 Y97_Function2 Z3i_Function_2 Y3_Finction_2.... and click software start button,hold vol up(boot)key for unlock support frp remove direct also!!! New Update support Huawei Qualcomm DUB-AL00 DUB-TL00 DUB-AL29... 8.2.178 version unlock account;need short edl pin to 9008 Mobile add in hw_flash tool!!! Read More...
  8. Miracle Vivo Tool v4.18 Complete Vivo Tool Now No DATA LOSS......... [+] Free For Huawei Pack Users [+] Free For FRP Pack Users. [+] Free For Miracle FRP Dongle. [X] Release Note MIRACLE VIVO Tool v4.18 1. Add Vivo X27 Pro Factory Reset/Account Remove Support. 2. Add Vivo Z3X Factory Reset/Account Remove Support. 3. Fix some bugs. Thunder Power Millions of Mobile Repairing Solution For Discussion & Download Visit Here Br [SV] Miracle Team #miraclebox #miraclethunder #miraclefrptool #miraclefrpdongle #miracleteam #miraclvivotool #miraclemototool #miracleemmctool
  9. We are pleased to announce UMTv2 / UMT Pro Innovative and Intelligent QcFire v4.3 The Ultimate Qualcomm Tool QcFire supports hundreds of devices more than listed Supported Functions - Read / Write Firmware - IMEI Repair in FTM/Diag + Flash Mode - Backup / Restore QCN - Backup / Reset / Restore Security (EFS) - Reset FRP (Google Factory Reset Protection) - Format UserData - Read Pattern Lock (Android < 6.0, Un-Encrypted Devices Only) - Reset Locks (PIN, Password, Pattern w/o Data Loss, Un-Encrypted Devices Only) - Enable Diag (Need OEM Unlock, May not work on BL Locked Devices) - Reboot to EDL from Fastboot - Reset Mi Account for Xiaomi Devices - Disable Mi Account for Xiaomi Devices - Factory Reset (sideload Mode) for Xiaomi Devices - Disable / Restore Locks for Encrypted Userdata - Motorola Boot Repair - Xiaomi EDL Locked Device Service - Bootloader Unlock in EDL Mode for some Xiaomi Devices - One Click Root for Qualcomm Generic Devices - Forensic Functions (Read Contacts / Messages in EDL Mode) - Save Read Contacts to vCard Format - One Click Lock Reset for Vivo Phones without USERDATA LOSS (Encrypted Userdata) - Factory Method for Format FS Note : Some features are device/brand specific, may not work on all devices. DETAILS AND DISCUSSION HERE It Has Begun... Keep Following Us... Some Nice Updates Are On The Way... SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR VALUABLE USERS FOR THEIR LOVE AND SUPPORT FOR MORE THAN 3 YEARS
  10. What's new !? DIRECT UNLOCK AND FRP RESET FOR: OT-5053A OT-5053D OT-5053K OT-5053Y IMEI REPAIR FOR: ZTE Z221 Do you want to renew the support (device banned problem) !? Click and Pay HERE using PayPal Ressellers list: [Hidden Content] best regards, FuriouSTeaM
  11. U A T Uni-Android Tool Version 23.01 Released Samsung [Added] - With FRP ON , Oem ON > - 1. Reset Screen Locks - Without data Loss > - 2. Reset FRP > - 3. Remove MDM > - 4. Remove Samsung Account > - 5. Remove RMM MORE HERE
  12. HUA BOX All in One 1.3.7 Released One Click NEW METHOD FOR Repair imei XIAOMI PHONES MORE INFO BR HUATEAM
  13. Octoplus FRP Tool v.1.7.4 Release Notes: ???? Added Reset FRP (Factory Mode) operation for the following Huawei Kirin CPU based devices (via Test Point): Enjoy 7S (FIG-AL10, FIG-L01, FIG-L02, FIG-L03, FIG-L11, FIG-L21, FIG-L22, FIG-L23, FIG-L31, FIG-LA1, FIG-LX1, FIG-LX2, FIG-LX3) G9 Lite (VNS-AL00, VNS-L01, VNS-L02, VNS-L03, VNS-L11, VNS-L21, VNS-L22, VNS-L23, VNS-L31, VNS-L53, VNS-L62, VNS-TL00) Mate 10 (ALP-AL00, ALP-L09, ALP-L29) Mate 10 Lite (RNE-AL00, RNE-L01, RNE-L02, RNE-L03, RNE-L21, RNE-L22, RNE-L22J, RNE-L23) Mate 10 Pro (BLA-A09, BLA-AL00, BLA-L09, BLA-L29) Mate 8 (NXT-DL00, NXT-L09, NXT-L29, NXT-TL00, NXT-TL00A, NXT-TL00B) Mate 9 (MHA-AL00, MHA-L09, MHA-L09B, MHA-L29, MHA-L29B, MHA-L2AB) Mate 9 Pro (LON-AL00, LON-L29) Nova 2 Plus (BAC-AL00, BAC-L01, BAC-L03, BAC-L21, BAC-L22, BAC-L23, BAC-TL00) P10 (VTR-AL00, VTR-L09, VTR-L29, VTR-L29B) P10 Lite (WAS-AL00, WAS-L01A, WAS-L03, WAS-L03T, WAS-L21, WAS-L21A, WAS-L22, WAS-L22J, WAS-L23, WAS-LX1, WAS-LX1A, WAS-LX2, WAS-LX2J, WAS-LX3, WAS-TL10, WAS-TL10HK) P10 Plus (VKY-AL00, VKY-L09, VKY-L29, VKY-L29A, VKY-TL00) P20 (EML-AL00, EML-L09, EML-L22, EML-L29, EML-L29C) P20 Lite (ANE-L01, ANE-L02, ANE-L03, ANE-L12JPZ, ANE-L21, ANE-L22, ANE-L23, ANE-L42, ANE-LK1, ANE-LX1, ANE-LX2, ANE-LX2J, ANE-LX3) P20 Pro (CLT-AL00, CLT-AL01, CLT-L04, CLT-L04C, CLT-L09, CLT-L09C, CLT-L29, CLT-L29C) P8 (GRA-L03, GRA-L09, GRA-L13, GRA-UL00, GRA-UL10) P8 Lite (ALE-CL00, ALE-L01, ALE-L02, ALE-L03, ALE-L04, ALE-L21, ALE-L22, ALE-L23, ALE-L52, ALE-L53, ALE-TL00, ALE-UL00) P9 (EVA-AL00, EVA-AL10, EVA-CL00, EVA-DL00, EVA-L09, EVA-L19, EVA-L29, EVA-TL00) P9 Plus (VIE-AL10, VIE-L09, VIE-L29) Honor 4C (CHM-U01) Honor 4X (Che2-L11, Che2-UL00) Honor 5A (CAM-AL00, CAM-L03, CAM-L21, CAM-L23, CAM-L32, CAM-TL00, CAM-TL00H, CAM-UL00) Honor 5C (NEM-AL10, NEM-L21, NEM-L22, NEM-L31, NEM-L51, NEM-TL00, NEM-TL00H) Honor 6X (BLN-AL10, BLN-AL10B, BLN-AL10C, BLN-AL20, BLN-AL40, BLN-L21, BLN-L21HN, BLN-L22, BLN-L23, BLN-L24, BLN-TL00, BLN-TL10) Honor 7 Premium (PLK-AL10, PLK-CL00, PLK-L01, PLK-L11, PLK-L21, PLK-TL00, PLK-TL01H, PLK-TL11H, PLK-UL00, PLK-UL10) Honor 7X (BND-AL00, BND-AL10, BND-L21, BND-L22, BND-L24, BND-L31, BND-L34) Honor 8 (FRD-AL00, FRD-AL10, FRD-L02, FRD-L04, FRD-L09, FRD-L14, FRD-L19) Honor 8 Lite (PRA-AL00, PRA-AL00X, PRA-L01, PRA-L02, PRA-L03, PRA-L11, PRA-L21, PRA-L21HN, PRA-L22, PRA-L23, PRA-L31, PRA-L31HN, PRA-LA1, PRA-LX1, PRA-LX2, PRA-LX3, PRA-TL10) Honor 9 (STF-AL00, STF-AL10, STF-AL20, STF-L09, STF-L09S) Honor V8 (KNT-AL20, KNT-CL00, KNT-L09, KNT-TL10, KNT-UL10) ???? Added Reset FRP operation via SAS for the following devices: Alcatel 7 (OT-6062W) Meizu M3E ???? Added Reset FRP operation for the following devices: Alcatel 1 (OT-5033A) (thanks to Mr. khalidsuper) Archos 80 Oxygen (AC80OX) (thanks to Mr. equinoks) BQ Armor (7082G) (thanks to Mr. Xaker2012) BQ Strike 2 (5057) (thanks to Mr. Xaker2012) Huawei GR3 (TAG-L01) (thanks to Mr. rayyan06) Huawei Y6 Pro 2017 (SLA-TL10) (thanks to Mr. Sanginmurod.gsm) Hurricane Blast (thanks to Mr. farhankhan377) iLike X5 Metal (thanks to Mr. janda) Invens D1 (thanks to Mr. Sanginmurod.gsm) Irbis TZart (thanks to Mr. Sanginmurod.gsm) Lenovo Tab 2 (A7-30DC) (thanks to Mr. Sanginmurod.gsm) Symphony H400 (thanks to Mr. Ahmedashik) Symphony V100 (thanks to Mr. hasanphone) Walton Primo D8 (thanks to Mr. Sujansel) Walton Primo H5 (thanks to Mr. Sujansel) Zopo F5 Color M5 (thanks to Mr. BeatSahil) 10.or E Accent Tank P55 Alcatel A3A XL 4G (OT-5099A) Alcatel A3A XL 4G (OT-5099D) Alcatel OneTouch Pixi 3 (5) (OT-5016A) Alcatel OneTouch Pixi 4 (5010S) Alcatel OneTouch Pixi 5 (7 3G) (OT-9203A) Alcatel Pixi 4 (5.5) 3G (OT-5012F) Allview P6 Pro Allview Viva 1001G Altron GI-626 Anee A1 Plus Archos 50 Cobalt (AC50CO) Archos 70c Neon (AC70CNE) Archos Access 50S 4G (AC50ASS4G) Archos Archos Core 55P (AC55CRP) Archos Diamond S (AC50DIS) Ark Benefit M506 Artizlee S9 Asanzo A2 Avvio L660S Azumi K5QL Beeline Fast Blackview A60 Blackview BV9600 Pro Bling Xplorer 7 BLU A190P (Advance A6) BLU Studio 5.5 (D600) BLU Studio M LTE BLU Studio M5 Plus LTE BLU Studio Selfie Lite BLU Vivo 6 BLU Vivo Go Bluboo D6 Blusens Smart Beauty 2 BQ 4001G BQ 5011 BQ Fast Plus (5519L) BQ Practic (5525) BQ Strike Power Max (5521) Bylynd X6 CellAllure Bolt 5.5 S Cherry Mobile Flare J3 Max Cherry Mobile Flare J6 Plus Cherry Mobile Flare J7 Cherry Mobile Flare Y3 Mini Cherry Mobile Zoom CMCC M653 CMCC M760 Coolpad DLS-S0 (N5) CX 9011 Danew G27 Datsun D5001 DEXP B140 DEXP G255 DEXP Ixion MS350 Dialog Blaze DS2-X31 Digiland DL1016 Digma Optima Prime 4 3G Digma PS1164ML (Plane 1551S) Digma PS7054MG (Plane 7007 3G) Digma PS7147MG (Plane 7535E) Digma PS8135MG (Plane 8522 3G) DL Tablet DL 2820 Doogee S90 Dunns ETab M9041G Echo Power Echo Star EKO Star G50 EKO Star G50E Epic X5 Epik One Palette (T700) eSTAR MID7448G Evercoss U50 Evercoss Xtream 1 Mini (M40A) Evertek E7044HE Evertek V9 Plus Fiesta A952 Fly Life Mega Forme P6 Four Mobile K500 Freetel FTJ161A Freetel Ice 2 Plus (FTJ161G) Ginzzu S5120 Gionee P2M GLX Taban GoClever Quantum 3 500 GoMobile Go Onyx Mini Green Orange GO 55303 Greentel V10 Haier Elegance (E7) Helio S2 Hexxa Fenix Himax H3 Plus (M23i) Himax King K1 (M25S) Himax M21S HiSense F15 HiSense F25 HiSense V3 (KS907) Hyundai Hurricane Infinition Bishop Infiniton T5 Infinix Note 5 (X604) INOI 5 Pro INOI 5i INOI 7i Lite Intex Infie 77 Invens Eager E1 Irbis SP550 Jiayu M2 Karbonn A41 Power Karbonn Alfa A18 Kazam Trooper 650 4G Keneksi Storm Kiowa X5 Konka SP9 Krono Dual Kzen Rex R2 Lark Ultimate X4 Laser MID-787 Lava Iris 60C Lava X17 Lava X41 Plus Lava Z40 Leagoo Shark 1 Lenovo A7700 (A7700) Logicom L-ITE 506R Majestic Tab-611 3G Masstel N560 Master-G Sense 703G Meizu M3 Max Micromax Bharad 4 (Q4002) Micromax Canvas Unite 4 (Q465) MiONE R1 Mito A16 Mobell Tab 8A Mobicel Venus (SPRD) Mobiistar CQ Mobiistar E1 MTT L452 MYFON F6 myPhone Hammer Active 2 LTE MyPhone myA12 myPhone myXI1 myPhone Power myPhone Q-Smart BE Nasco Warrior NGM Dynamic (E553) NGM E400 Nokia 5.1 / HMD CO2 (TA-1061) Nokia 5.1 / HMD CO2 (TA-1076) Nokia 5.1 / HMD CO2 (TA-1081) Nokia 5.1 / HMD CO2 (TA-1088) Nokia 8 / HMD NB1 (TA-1004) Nokia 8 / HMD NB1 (TA-1012) Nokia 8 / HMD NB1 (TA-1052) Nous NS5006 Oale X5 Okapia Signature Onn ONA19TB002 Onyx MX44 Oukitel U10 Panasonic P101 Panasonic P55 Novo 4G PCD PL5505 Plum Coach Plus II (Z621) Polaroid P-111 Prestigio MultiPhone Muze V3 (PSP3495 DUO) Proline H7835M Proline M700I QBell QPhone 9.2 QMobile Smart Power Qubo Neptuno Ruio i7 Plus Sansui ETab S7043G Senseit R500 Shift 6M Sico Nile X Sigma Mobile X-Style Tab A103 Sigma Mobile X-Treme PQ14 SIMI S503 SKY Elite 5.0P Sky Elite T4 Sky Elite T55 Sky Platinum F5 Smartex M520 Smooth S2 SPC L52F S-TELL P780 STF Aerial Plus STK Hero X STK Life Plus S STK Storm 4 Stylo Ruby Symphony H250 Symphony S501 Tech 4U Earth Tecno 6 Tecno Cammon 11 (CF7k) Tecno Cammon 11 Pro (CF8) Tecno Pop 2F (B1f) Tecno Spark 3 (KB7j) Tecno Spark 3 Pro (KB8) Telego F8 Telego Mate 2 Telenor Infinity E3 Tesla Smartphone 3.1 Lite Torque Ego Zoom Lite Touch Plus 770G TurboX Fire 4G TurboX I4G Turkcell T Ulefone Armor 6 Umidigi One Umidigi One Pro Versus Z6 Mini Vertex Impress Luck 4G Vertex Impress Zeon 3G Vertu Constellation X Verykool Lotus Plus (S5007) Verykool Spear (S5035) Vestel Venus E4 Viumee EV6 Vivax Fly 2 Vivax Fun S10 Vivax Point X551 VIWA Pixel VKworld Mix Plus Vodafone Power Tab 10" (VF-1296) Vonino Pluri M7 Vortex Synq Walton Primo EF9 Walton Primo R5 Plus WE V2 Wieppo S6 Lite Wiko Slide 2 Xgody X200 Pro Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 X-TIGI Joy 8 Mate X-TIGI V19 XTR T4 XTR X4 XTR X4.5 YU YU5040 Yuho Vast 2 ZEN M72 Smart Zopo ZP550 ZTE A530 ZTE Blade A112 (A112) ZTE Jasper LTE (Z718TL) ZTE Nubia Z17 Mini (NX569J) Zuum Sirius Zuum Stellar Pro ???? Improved Reset FRP operation for the following devices: Premio P530 (thanks to Mr. MinPin) LG G6 (H871) (thanks to Mr. henry_mk4) Datsun D4000 (thanks to Mr. edasolis) More info and discussion are HERE ________________________________________________ WBR, Octoplus Box Team