20/09/10 : UCT v1.06 Released - MTK 6268, New Boot, SPD Unlock Improved, More........

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New features:


  • MT6268 supported
  • MT6268 is readonly in Tracker & NV editor
  • Added Format/Nor UID Decryption to IntRAM
  • In IntRAM Boot, Auto decrypt UID when read fullflash was done.
  • Added new ExtractFile function to Nand flash mode.
  • show LID info in NV Editor
  • Added Boot v3.1016
SpreadTurm CPU:

  • Unlock improved
Bug Fixes:

  • [MTK] Fixed dir bug when create FAT treeview
  • [MTK] Fixed Hex copy/plaster in NV Editor
  • [MTK] Fixed a enter tracker bug
  • [sPD] Read unlcok code issue
  • [uI] Fixed buffer write algorithm
  • [uI] Fixed some bugs in IntRam
  • [uI] Fixed CRC bug in cmz-file
Support new NAND flash memory:

  • NAND_TYBC0A111236KC10
Support new NOR flash memory:

  • NOR_K5N5629ABA
  • NOR_K5L6433ATM
  • NOR_K5N6433ATM
  • NOR_K5L6433ABM
  • NOR_S29NS128P
  • NOR_S29NS256P
  • NOR_S29NS512P
  • NOR_EN29NS128

* Please Un-Install All Old Versions before installing new.

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