MicroWire support over Martech CLIP !

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MicroWire support over Martech CLIP !

Next protocol is supported, from now you can have MicroWire read/write/verify over you CLIP device :-)

How it works ? It's simply, you are making wires and the rest process is executed on CLIP, totally without PC.

Both modes are possible: with desoldered microwire memory, or in circuit (in board programming).


- 93C06 (256b Serial MicroWire bus EEPROM)

- 93C13 (256b Serial MicroWire bus EEPROM)

- 93C14 (1Kb Serial MicroWire bus EEPROM)

- 93C46 (1Kb Serial MicroWire bus EEPROM)

- 93C56 (2Kb Serial MicroWire bus EEPROM)

- 93C66 (4Kb Serial MicroWire bus EEPROM)

- 93C76 (8Kb Serial MicroWire bus EEPROM)

- 93C86 (16Kb Serial MicroWire bus EEPROM)

You must have RCD or RCD PRO activated to run this tool.

Download it: MicroWire Tools v10

User manual (diagrams, connections, photos, how to upload):

MicroWire Tools Manual English

You can also use public support, here you can find datasheets for memories too:

(CLIP folder)

Posted Image

This is not the end of new protocols in support :)

Best regards

Martech Team

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